April 2005

 Hi... Im Aaron and im 17 and just 30 days ago to this day i got a circumcision. 

I hope my story helps people out more around my age and gives them less doubt and more encouragement to go through with the surgery if theyre considering it.

I never got circ. when i was born mostly because my parents couldnt afford it.
From the time i was 12 to the day i got the surgery it always bothered me. when i was 12 and i would change at the local swimming pool lockers, i always felt different jsut becuase no one else was ever uncircumsiced like i was. As i got older and got more into girls it always held me back and i hated it because i was always good with talking to girls and stuff but i never wanted to take it that extra mile to do anythign with them because i was scared of what they would think, and i knew i wouldnt enjoy anything because id be to embaressed. My mom asked me if i wanted the surgery when i was around 13-14 and i said no, mostly because i didnt like to talk about it and didnt care enough...But about two months ago, my mom came to me and asked if i wanted it done because  we could afford it and i had a gf at the time so that helped a lil and i figured i might as well go for it.

We then schedualed an exmination at the local urologist. There I asked him some questions about the surgery, and how much pain there would be. He then asked me if i played any sports, i told him i skateboarded and snowboarded, and he told me i was more likeley to experience more pain from a day of snowboarding than the aftermath of the surgery, this was suprisingly comforting and reasurring,  and from there we schedualed an operation date.

On March 29th i checked into the in/out operating room. I thought i would be more nervous than i actually was but i think i was just so happy and proud of myself that i was actually going through with it that i was hardly nervous at all. A nurse came out and called my name, and from the waiting room i followed her into a lil room wiht a curtain and a bed on a roller and couple of chairs. She made me change into the stupid robes that hospitals have, that sucked, but i toguhed it and changed out, and hopped onto the rolling bed deal. When i was ready she came in, put a blanket over me and gave me a valium to relax. Next, she told me she was going to put the IV through the top of my hand, so i put on my music (classical, even tho i listen to rap but u know, its a lil more soothing) turned it up as loud as it went, and she put it through. This was the worst thing yet, because my blood pressure dropped so i just got really tired really fast. When it rose back and i was a lil more concious and got to meet the anastiesioligist and one of the doctors who would be helping perform the sugery. They then rolled me from the small room to the OR, where there was about 6 doctors already. One of the doctors hooked up something to the IV to make me go to sleep, and asked me if i had a dream picked out, i said naw, and he suggested Brittney Spears...i just laughed ....and i truley dont remember anything after that. I woke up about 2 hours later and didnt feel any pain. I lied there on the bed for about 30 minutes, had some juice and one of the nurses rolled me into the room to change back to my clothes... When i took off the robe/gown i was a bit in shock, mostly cuz theres a bandage wrapped around the thing that makes us men  but i was mostly relieved and just kinda say "f*** yeah " to myself, i knew that this was gunna be way the hell worth it in the long run.

The first week and half were kinda rough. It wasnt as easy as recover as i had hoped for but it wasnt nessicarily excurciating pain, mostly becuase i was on some powerful- pain killers. The only thing that really sucked were the erections at night, and the stitches snagging on the clothing, but it was only like that until the second week after the surgery. I mean, you cant not expect to go through a surgery down there and be pain free but really it wasnt all that bad, i expected it.  The third week, for the most part,  everything was completley back to normal. i could run, bike, skateboard, whatver...I checked in with the doctor and he said everythign was going good and i know it is cuz it looks about 10 times better and i dont have to worry about what girls think or the smell or hygiene as much anymore. Theres still a little swelling around where the stitches were but the doctor said it would go down within a month. 

In all this is one of the best desicions ive made in a long time, and im only 17, so i think if your around my age and considering it for the same reasosns i did id say go for it, its bascially a lil pain for 2-3 weeks in return for the rest of you life time of not questioning and worrying about it. And if your older than i am... well i did it, and im only 17.

I'd like to thank circumsicioninfo.com's testimonial section becuase I really dont think i would have been as sure about the whole thing, if not have done it at all in the first place.