I always hated my foreskin and after having doctors continually telling me it wasn't necessary, I saw a Urologist and had the operation at 23.

I hated my foreskin because:

* It was ugly. The cut guys looked so much better.

* It was uncomfortable. It would retract when I got an erection and then my pubic hair would become trapped when it went down again requiring re adjustment.

* It was smelly and embarrassing. Washing twice a day is just not enough to keep it clean and the smegma away. I was also always concerned that it may be a turn off during sex.

* It was always wet. I had papules which I found were encouraged by the damp environment.

I am very happy to be circumcised but was cut too low and not enough skin was removed. Interestingly, I am seeing a surgeon this week to see what can be done.

Lessons I have learnt from the circumcision are:

* Know what you want. Be clear on whether you want a high or low cut/ maximum inner or outer skin etc so that you can communicate this clearly with your surgeon.

* Choose your Surgeon carefully. I don't think my Urologist asked the right question regarding aesthetics and what I wanted. He also used dissolvable stitches which are a no no for scaring. A cosmetic surgeon is probably the best way to go.

* Have it done as early as possible. Preferably at birth to enable the head to grow to its full potential. This also maximises the period of having all the benefits of circumcision and the likelihood of papules is also greatly diminished as a result of the drier conditions. The trauma associated with the length of cut for a baby is also much less than for an adult.


PS: By the way, I found the best treatment for Papules is to keep the area dry and pimple cream also helps as it acts as a drying agent.