I was circumcised at the age of 5.

I had several months of pure pain before the circumcision , I can remember crying and holding my penis, my Aunty told my mum that I probably needed circumcising as she was a nurse, I went up the doctors and i was told i had to have a operation, I can remember not being able to drink anything that summers morning and following the op i had to have several baths warm and it tasted salty now i know it was salt in the bath to help heal, I have been very happy since then 32 years ago..

My nephew since the age of 7 as had severe problems with his penis - he was issued cream upon cream upon cream, they never even examined the penis, eventually aged 13 he got examined and was told he needed circumcising, his mother being his mother wanted a second opion, another doctor was asked and he said he should have been circumcised when this soon after this first occurred he has severe phimosis it as crippled me seeing him in pain, I have argued his case for a circumcision, he goes in to hospital on tuesday he is looking forward to it because he knows that after a week or so , he will be problem free first time in 6 years.

If circumcision causes so much trauma why do circumcised fathers still continue to circumcise, they say the rates in the USA are declining, I personally think its due to more europeans moving to the USA like more europeans moving to the Uk etc..