Test Review Circumcised Penis - 25 Years On

I had this procedure done in Germany at the age of twenty. Now, at forty-five, I feel I can give a realistic account of the experience, and what life is like with and without foreskin.

To begin with, the style of my circumcision is what the German urologist who did mine showed me in his little booklet as a German medical standard “radical circumcision”. This means the cutline follows the rear contour of the glans, leaving the glans entirely denuded, with slack shaft skin which bunches up against the glans. This tightens when erect, and there are about 15 mm of inner foreskin visible then. I can move the shaft skin back and forth about two centimetres when erect, and it can reach the glans, but won’t roll over the crorona. The frenulum was also removed. The technique used was freehand, and it was sutured using 15 stitches. On the underside, the cut line forms a V-shape.

I have been finding this style of circumcision very comfortable to live with, and visually very appealing and reassuring in settings where nudity is deemed appropriate, such as the many nude bathing areas and spa sections in Europe. It never seemed to me that strangers were disagreeably touched by this appearance, which seems so low key and natural that even sex partners sometimes did not realize I was circumcised for quite some time. It simply looks like a retracted foreskin.

Contrary to a merely retracted foreskin though, the circumcised penis feels neater and more defined. There is a constant impression of orderliness to it that is very reassuring and has given me a substantial amount of extra self confidence regarding this part of my body. The undefined, wobbly feeling of the uncircumcised state is gone.

The foreskin used to be a source of insecurity to me due to its undefined nature. It seemed permanently mispositioned in underwear, and likely to cause olfactory embarrassment with sex partners unless bathroom visits could be scheduled before the action. It used to be very long, and covered the glans entirely, with some extra, even when erect.

When it was finally removed, under general anesthetic, the healing process took only about two weeks. The sutures were painful for about four days, and then began falling off. There were no complications, and to my surprise, also no issue with sensitivity of the glans. It would seem that the glans becomes less irritable once it has dried completely, which in my case only took about one day. Sex with the circumcised penis was an instant success. I was overwhelmed by the constant directness of contact, and the additional stimulation I received to the corona during out-thrusts. My sex partner also attested to perceiving more stimulation than before, which I would ascribe to the reduced mobility of the shaft skin.

Masturbation changed very much, but I easily adjusted to the new reality. Instead of massaging the glans with foreskin, I found it just as gratifying to pump the shaft skin against the corona. Even better is the use of lubricants, but I can see how it is important to choose them wisely to avoid longterm damage, and to keep ones hands smooth, too to make sure you don't desensitize the glans. It may also help to wear silky underwear. I surely no longer wear cotton boxers, but smooth fabrics cut in such a way as to keep the penis centered and immobile.

Over the past 25 years, nothing has changed for me. I enjoy sex as much as, or more than, before, and there have been no performance issues in terms of necessary time or effort to reach orgasm.

In closing, I'd give the German standard radically circumcised penis full points.