For as long as I can remember, I've had envy of those with circumcised penises. I was born in a country where circumcision is not common at all. However, I learned about the existence of different penises at a very young age since a cousin is cut. I never built the courage to talk to my parents about why they chose not to have he procedure done on me or, even less, about me wanting to have it done.

I formally learned about circumcision during sex ed classes in sixth grade. Around that time, during a end-of-the-year trip and at summer camp, I had the chance to learn that a handful of guys I knew were also cut. I even talked to a couple of them about the issue and they told me they had been operated as babies. At this point I had reached puberty and with development, my penis head outgrew my foreskin. That helped my desire to imitate circumcision by keeping my foreskin retracted as much as possible. With time and dedication, I managed to get my skin to remain behind my glans 27/7. My short foreskin yielded the look of a loose circumcision.

I did part of college in the US where I lived in the dorms. I was introduced to RIC in the US in the showers where, to my surprise, all Americans in my floor where cut. I did some research and verified my suspicion: circumcision was a generalized practice here. I did not feel different, though, since I had trained my skin to remain rolled back and my glans had been exposed long enough to look as that of a cut guy. My interest in circumcision was revived at this point.

Later I had an American girlfriend who didn't care about me being uncut. However she appreciated my cleanness and told me that she would choose circumcision for this reason. I agree with her and I don't seem to be alone - back home - on this opinion. A few of my younger cousins were circumcised shortly after birth and a number of friend couples expressed their intention to have their boys circumcised.

Currently I am engaged to a girl from my home country. Circumcision was not an issue in her family, but she has learned about it from me. She agrees with me that the appearance and feeling of a circumcised (looking) penis is far better. Additionally, the two-year-old son of a close friend of hers was recently circumcised due to severe phimosis. Taken this into account, we are considering having our boys circumcised at birth. Although I have not had specially bad experiences being uncut, I want my sons to enjoy the advantages of a clean cut penis. And evidence shows that neonatal circumcision is far superior to that performed at a later age.