Another Great Experience

  I, being from a family of Irish/American back ground was routinely circumcised shortly after birth. Although born and raised in a small northern Ontario,Canada community, I did not have any knowledge of uncirc. status. I am from a family of three older brothers and all were circ`d at birth as well as all of my peers and friends.

  The first time that most of us boys ever saw an uncircumcised penis was when we were about 7 or eight years of age. There were only two out of all of us that weren`t done.

  My mother, being fairly open and honest about many matters had not talked to me about circumcision,like all of the other boys involved. Different ideas were being passed around concerning this peculiar pair. Some of us thought they had developed warts, or that they had some sort of terrible disease that left their penises looking the way that they did. My mother seemed like just the person to address concerning this subject. She then explained circumcision, and explained that this operation was very old, right back to Abraham as a matter of fact and stated that these two boys did not have any illness... that they weren`t circ`d.

  These two had to cope with alot of teasing and jeering about their status (I did not partake in any of this teasing) and I look back on this today and realize all of the mental agony that this must have caused them.

  I felt that I was well informed on the pros and cons pertaining to circumcision. I, being from a melting pot family,which consists of Jewish, Scandinavian, and moslem relatives had more angles of knowledge of circ status than most average people that I know personally.

  I, being happy about my circ status, happened to come across some anti-circ literature which really took me aback! I found that I was so called "mutilated, abused, sexually crippled, and was unable to feel the same pleasurable sensations that an uncircumcised male felt" (according to their theory). Not having anyone to talk to on these matters I decided to start so called "taping" in order to restore my foreskin ( due to the fact that up to that point I was only able to find negative material on the subject of circumcision. I felt like a complete wreck for the first time in my life after reading that "informative"?? information.

  After approx. one week of taping I just happened to locate your much more informative area on the net. After reading every item that I could find on the pro side of circ. I decided to throw away the tape and keep my current status. I sure did not realize all of the health benefits that I gained due to this proceedure being done. I then made contact with Brad, David and Dereck on this matter; which they sure have been a blessing in my life.

  I wish to touch on the sensation topic. I have had sexual relations with one woman that never had contact with a circ`d guy before. Prior to realizing that I was circ`d she was very concerned that she would hurt me during forplay. I was quite confused as to why she felt this way and expained to her that all that I ever felt was pure pleasurable sensations during any kind of sexual activity. That was the point that she did a thorough examination of my goods and found that I had no skin and then added that her other lovers were all uncircumcised and each and every one of them experienced pain of some sort during sex. She then became more at ease as time passed and enjoyed the penis that she could do almost anything with and not inflict any pain. However I did quickly correct her by adding that she should not kick me in the balls because that would still be very painful regardless of my status. So thus, according to a lifetime circed guy, I feel imeasurable pleasure during sex.

  Next Paragraph I will be touching on religion. Please bear with me all non believers! I, being a strong believer in God, wish to share some of my beliefs(or perception) of where alot of this anti circ material may be going and why they may have such strong tactics to belittle people of the circ status.

  I , very recently, was on the net when I discovered a quote made by Rev.?? Carles Messick pertaining to circ. as follows "It is unworthy of the advanced white race to accept such a barbaric practice, just as it is to accept Nigger music and/or Jewish practises, mores and religion". I could not fathom a Rev?? making such a statement. In the end times, so we (being of christian religious standing) believe that the Jews will once again be persecuted such as they have so often in the past. I feel that this statement made by the reverend suggests that he supports Naziism. Taking this into account makes me all the more pleased that I have been circ`d. This individual sure does not know or represent Jesus Christ as I know him.

  I am now a single parent to an 11 year old daughter so the only close family experience of circumcision that I have observed was when my nephew was done at birth. This action did not seem to hinder him at all. The healing in fact took very little time and he was done due to all the medical benefits that is gained by this simple procedure, better to have males circ`d at birth rather than later in life, and according to a doctor I know, there have been many adult cases that had to undergo circ. He strongly advises that male infants should be done soon ater birth.

  To wrap things up, I feel that I have a great relief and joy that I was circ`d as an infant and did not have to endure many of the problems that uncirc`d males have had to cope with. I feel that If I have a son in the future circumcision will not be an option... but a must.

  To all of you parents who are considering circumcision for your infant son take some advise from one who has done alot of research on the pros and cons of circumcision. I found that the pros greatly exceed the cons.

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