Hi, I've just had a circumcision and I'd like to share my experiences with other readers.

  I have had recurrent balanitis (soreness under the foreskin) since I was a little boy.It first flared up when I was around eight years old.It didn't trouble me for a few years after that until I was 24 years old.I reckon it came back because I had fairly poor personal hygiene and was consuming a lot of alcohol around this age.From the age of 24 to date (I am now 38 years old), I have had problems with my foreskin.I have had sex on only a handful of occasions over the past few years and this is because sex has always been SO PAINFUL when I penetrate a woman e.g. I get a shooting pain up through my penis because of the sensitivity of my foreskin. I have just had a circumcision to once and for all end the problem. I'm only out of hospital since the day before yesterday and am waiting for the stitches to dissolve.

  I have to say that this may not be the best thing to be doing but I am planning on being fairly promiscuous (and practicing safe sex) over the next few months as I have missed out on a proper sex life for so long. I am unmarried and have had a few girlfriends but have rarely had sex with any of them so I have been unable to sustain the relationships. I have tended to avoid sex because of the pain involved.

  I might add,a few years ago a dermatologist told me that I had herpes but this diagnosis proved to be incorrect. It was balanitis. I had a bit of mental trauma over this mis-diagnosis but I now feel that my life is getting back on track.

  If anyone would like to write to me to share their experiences or express an opinion, I'd be very glad to receive a mail. I am fairly optimistic about the future but am wondering if there are any pitfalls that I need to be aware of.

Dave from Dublin.

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