My Testimonial (Oct 2004)

Last month I had a rather unfortunate experience where I tore my foreskin during sex. Embarrassed, I didn't say anything to anyone until about 2 weeks later after it was still not healing. After a visit to a urologist, he told me that it was a surprise that it had not happened earlier, as I was too big for my skin. I would have to be circumcised and have my frenelum extended.

After a bit of research, I was not looking forward to the op, as most of the sites are very much against it. Then I came across this sight and was actually looking forward to it and booked for the next day. I had it done at a local hospital under general anesthetic. I was surprised by how little pain I woke up to. The headache from the anesthetic was more uncomfortable. I had planned to have a weekend at home in bed, but the next day I was walking about with no pain at all. Within a week I had no need for bandages and could see it taking shape. The swelling went down and the stitches dissolved after two weeks, and I couldn’t believe how much better it looked than the uncut penis I was used to.

Only three weeks after the op I was back in action. I was a little worried about the loss of sensitivity so many people talk about, but it was not the case at all. In fact it was quite the opposite. I have never had better sex, and my girlfriend prefers it too. The sensation around the tip was so amazing; it feels like I am on the verge of an orgasm most of the way through. I wish that I had been circumcised at birth, rather than now at the age of 19. I feel like a new man now. I highly recommend it for anyone who is considering it, be it for the look, the hygiene, or the sensation. If you have any questions feel free to email me-