I have been astounded at the anti-circumcision material that has been put out lately.

  I was not circumcized as a baby.  When I left the army in 1952 it was offered to me, but I had to leave as I had people waiting to take me home from Ft. Lewis.  I began to think I would like to be circumcized first when I was about 5 years old and saw some of my playmaates who were circumcized. I asked my mother why I could not be then.  It was during the depression and I suppose money was scarce and there were no medical programs to take care of it.

  While in college I had it done.  I was then 25 years old.  The doctor who did it was going to get some kind of equiptment to do it in his office from the hospital, but forgot, so he did it free hand, I guess you would say.  He didn't cut enough as far as I was concerned, and the overflap would often catch my pubic hair and was uncomfortable.  I finally asked a doctor if he could imporve on the job.  He said he could and he did.  I was about 45 when that was done. 

  I really like the way he did it.  I am ever so glad I had it done again.  I only wish my parents would have had it done when I was 8 days old.  It would have saved my a lot of money and a great deal of self-esteem in my early years.  I had my boy circumcized when he was born and I encouraged all my children to have their sons circumcized when they were born.  I am not Hebrew nor Moslem.  I am a scandinavian/German/English background. I wouldn't change  what has been done for me for anything.