My Testimony

  I'd like to add my personal story about being circumcised as an adult. While growing up I became aware of the fact that most males in this country of my generation were circumcised as infants. I always felt self-conscious about my uncircumcised state when in locker-rooms with other boys.

  During my teenage years and into my 20's I had frequent problems with inflammations under the foreskin, although the foreskin itself was easily retractable. Some years into my marriage my spouse began to have recurring bouts with yeast infections. She tried several medications to combat the problem with little success.

  After a while she asked me if I would consider a circumcision as a possible way to rid herself of her infections. At that point I must say that I confided in her a latent desire of mine to actually be circumcised. I shared with her my experi- ences of growing up as the only uncut guy among my teenage friends. A urologist was consulted and a short time later I had the surgery done in a local hospital.

  In the period following my circumcision I can re- port two clear results: 1) my wife's yeast infections disappeared, 2) intercourse satisfaction did not diminish for either of us but actually resulted in more intense climaxes. I now realized that I would have been far bet- ter off had I been circumcised as a baby. My endorsement for circumcision doesn't quite end here. When I had the surgery done I knew little about different circumcision styles and simply let the urologist proceed on his own. My circumcision was what could be described as 'loose.' When flaccid I could pull the remaining shaft skin completely over the glans, and when erect the skin could still be pulled half-way over my knob.

  I then made another decision to have a revision done to result in a 'tight' cut that totally bared the glans at all times and also remove the frenulum that was left the first time. I was able to locate another urologist, who did the re-circumcision exactly as I wanted. The results have been wonderful.

  Orgasms are more in- tense than ever, whether during intercourse or when masturbating. Yes, I need to use a lubrication now to avoid shaft soreness, but this is hardly a negative.