To Any Man It May Concern

From: "Fred L. Hernandez" To any man it may concern:

I am a man, 46 y/o and had a circumcision when I was 44 y/o. The reason was medical - I had phimosis and blanditis and didn't even know it. It was during a routine exam that these conditons were noted.

My experience growing up uncircumcised ("uncut") was not pleasant. Quite literally all through my Junior High days, I was THE only uncut male in my gym class. IF there were others like me, I didn't know it. Being that I was from a small (at the time) town, I had the same group of boys all through Junior High and most of Senior High.

Being that I was the only uncut one in the bunch I was automatically a target -- "Hey, Fred, who sharpened yours"? was the lightest of the taunts. I had to put up with this all through Junior High. By Senior High, the others had started to really notice girls and so left me alone, but by then their work was evident.

As I grew more into Manhood, I swore before God, and two other White Guys, I was going to get circumcision before I died. But circumstances in my life being what they were, I had to delay that promise for many years. When I finally was able to have it done, it was almost anti climatic. I finally got what I wanted, but .... a small problem  with erectile dysfunction took the edge off my happiness.

As for the operation itself -- it was not painful. I didn't have to take the pain pills my Urologists proscribed for me. The only real problem was with the bathrobe flapping the wrong way and .... "wow"!  Getting back to wearing pants and sitting down proved to be "memorable", but all I had to do was think back to Junior High (kids are so vicious at that age, don't you find ...?) and remember the taunts and the hurt and what ever pain I may have had from underwear sticking was nothing compared to that experience. I don't regret having had it done, and if I were in a situation where I could have fathered male children I'd make damn sure my kid got circumcised a little after birth. NO WAITING for my kids! I'd not put them through what I went through.

As for those who advocate reconstructing their foreskins --- guys, you need surgery between your ears, not your legs!

Respectfully submitted,

          Fred L. Hernandez 

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