When I was born in the 1950's almost all the boys in my area were circumcised in infancy.  As one of only a few boys with a foreskin I often wondered why these other boys did not have this flap of skin covering the head of their penises.

Nothing much was ever said about this subject.  I do remember a brief mention of it during a health class, but it wasn't really ever explained why (or why not) this surgery was performed.

I always wondered what it would be like to be circumcised and finally, almost 20 years ago, I had myself circumcised.  This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It has been better for reasons of hygiene and for both my sexual pleasure and for my wife's pleasure.

Before I was circumcised my foreskin was quite loose, so would retract easily enough.  However it would also slide forward during intercourse and I felt like most of the time my foreskin was receiving the sensations of my partner's vagina, rather than my glans.  While I've read in some web sites that the foreskin has a lot of nerve endings, there are "ridged bands", and other commentary concerning the supposed pleasure from the foreskin -- in my case I didn't feel that my foreskin was anything other than a hindrance to my glans being stimulated.

It is interesting that so many web sites are anti circumcision.  It is really great that your site is a place where men can express the true pleasure of having their glans permanently exposed brings.  I've attempted a few times to respond on the various "forums" of some of the anti circ. sites but most of them will not print anything that is pro circumcision.  It completely mystifies me that they are so adamant against a practice that (in my opinion) is a positive one all the way.

There is some loss of sensitivity in the glans, once it becomes used to being exposed all the time.  At first the friction against my clothing caused more frequent erections, but eventually I got used to it and this really isn't a problem.  The fact that my glans sensitivity is slightly diminished means I can last longer while making love to my wife.  To me this is a great advantage.  Pleasureable feelings are different now -- but having sex now takes my breath away, it's so much better than before.

Since most men are circumcised in infancy, I am sure that I am one of only a small minority that chose to have the operation as an adult.  As such I know first hand the disadvantages a foreskin offers and the liberating feeling of having the head of the penis exposed for all time.  I also can't imagine why anyone would want to "restore" a foreskin.  I wish I hadn't had to wait as long as I did to be circumcised, but even with the pain associated with having this done as an adult (and there was some pain involved) I would not hesitate to recommend to any male contemplating having this done to do it!  Don't believe all that anti-circ. stuff on the web.  You'll feel much better being circumcised.  I know that I do.

Fred from Kansas.