I was one of those men that was circumcised as an infant without my choice. I was hearing all the anti-circumcision propaganda on the internet that uncircumcised/natural penises are better for sex, the foreskin provides a glide sensation during intercourse, and the coronary ridge of a circumcised penis is very abrasive for a woman and the coronary ridge of the glan of the penis removes the woman's natural lubricant during sexual intercourse.

I have a 'high and tight' circumcision, meaning, I have no internal or external foreskin. I can see where I was concerned about sexual intercourse. The society says in North America that you need to hurry up, get going real quick, and that mindset carries over into sexual intercourse.

Due to being circumcised, because the head of my penis/glans of penis are fully exposed, I had a woman say that the head of my penis/glans looks sexy. Of course, we had sex without the condom, without protection, as my bare glans, head of my penis, was messaging the inside of her vagina. She loved it how the glan of my penis, even the coronary ridge, felt as it was rubbing inside her vagina.

During sexual intercourse, of course, it took a little longer to build up to ejaculation. I lasted longer. The semen started running during sexual intercourse, and I did not pull out. The semen kept running during sexual intercourse for a few moments. Then, when the semen stopped, I still did not pull out, kept on having sexual intercourse, gliding in and out, and the head of the penis/glans were messaging the inside of the vagina during sexual intercourse. We kept doing it. Then, after a few moments, I began to ejaculate again, semen started running again, and the sexual intercourse felt great with the bare head of my penis.

Later, I removed the penis from the vagina. After a while, with my bare exposed glans, fully exposed head of my penis, I inserted the bare head of my penis again into the vagina for sexual intercourse. Of course, it took a while to build up to ejaculate. When I ejaculated, when the semen started running, it felt great to have my bare glans, the bare head of my penis, rubbing and gliding inside the vagina. Again, when the semen stopped after some time, I kept having sexual intercourse. She said my penis felt great, and that their was no issue with the friction, the coronary ridge of the glans of the penis, and that she maintained lubrication.

Even one time, we went to have sexual intercourse, there was no ejaculation or semen expelled during the session, but we kept having sexual intercourse, the head of the penis, the bare head of the penis, had sensation, sexual intercourse was still enjoyed, and she had an orgasm.

Now, I love having sex as a circumcised man, it feels great to have the head of my penis exposed, no protection, and the mental health/psychology of it where the glans of the penis is rubbing up inside the vagina, feels great and the thought if it is great. Now, I am glad that I did not have penis foreskin restoration, because I enjoy sexual intercourse being circumcised, and she thinks the glans of the penis/head of the penis looks very sexy and feels great inside the vagina.