I have had only a small amount of skin removed from the upper side of the foreskin, but have kept my foreskin retracted since age 12, thus essentially have the same experience as the fully circumcised in regard to the glans being fully, continually exposed (except for a 3 mo trial covering). This trial resulted in my glans achieving that shiny moist look of the intact. It resulted in tenderness with no erotic sensitivity benefits. it resulted in smell.

  Fear not the exposed state!  Encourage it whether by knife or training the foreskin.  Some would discourage the latter, but it should be medically and socially promoted to for those who haven't had the BENEFIT of their parents having them circ young.

  As guys that were circed as adults will proclaim, the bared penis feels sensations well without the insulation of the foreskin. The corona expands to become more receptive to erotic friction. The retracted foreskin state can be achieve by many, providing there is no phimosis or excessive foreskin. Pushing the foreskin back immediately after it rolls forward is part of the training. Be alert for any paraphimotic tendency for it to swell and lock behind the glans, curable by returning the skin covered. Mechanical assists like taping and the use of several "o rings" (one size doesn't fit all)  to help convince the foreskin to remain back can help. As the corona expands from having been constricted this will help to keep it back.

  Go bare! Enjoy that glans. Why hide your candle under a bushel?