My Story

Thank you for an unbiased view of the issues surrounding male circumcision. I myself was circumcised 13 years ago when I was 44. I think I have more first hand experience of both sides of the argument than the so-called experts.

  The foreskin is NOT, repeat NOT, the "most erogenously sensitive part of the body" as stated repeatedly on some sites. The inner lining of the foreskin is slightly erogenous but it cannot be compared with the sensual sensations of the glans. Contrary to what is published on many sites, the glans does NOT lose more than a tiny fraction of it's erogenous potential after circumcision. My personal experience is that although the surface of the glans is not so trigger sensitive after circumcision the inner sensations are more intense and satisfying.

  Before I was circumcised I could not have dicovered or explored these sensations due to a tendency to reach orgasm in a very short space of time. I have noticed that my glans has grown noticeably bigger since circumcision and this has pleased my wife since she say that she can "feel me" inside her more. We have not experienced any problems either with vaginal lubrication or from any other form of discomfort during or after sex. Intercourse itself lasts much much longer and is far more satisfyimg to both of us. What I like most about sexual function after circumcision is that I experience far more intense orgasms that are very emotional. I really do feel as if the earth has moved at times. I hope this doesn't sound too corny, but that's how it is. I also like the way I can engage in spontaneous sex activity with my wife without having to go through the whole business of washing under my foreskin first. I also enjoy the fact that I feel comfortable during foreplay. My foreskin no longer rolls back to reveal my very sensitive glans which was almost painful if it brushed against the bed sheets or my wife's pubic hair during the build up to penetration. This for me is one of the joys of circumcision, I can now relax and not fear discomfort during this very important phase of lovemaking.

  I hope this information has been of help to everybody. I would like to see the record set straight on this issue. I feel that we are all being bombarded with scare tactics and false claims. If those who insist that male circumcision is mutilation honestly believe that they know more than I do FROM THIER OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, then let them debate their case openly and FAIRLY in a BALANCED manner without distortion. Thank you for reading this rather long email! Any GENUINE enquiries will be welcomed. Those with closed minds please keep away.


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