Very Big Difference


My name is Igor and originally I'm from Russia. I'm 30 year old and I was circumcised in age of 22. In ex-USSR, circumcision was prohibited by law.

As Jew, I even didn't know about circumcision till i've got to Army and saw some muslim guys circumcised. I started wondering about circumcision and find out that as Jew I have to be circumcised. I found out it in age of 21!

Yes,it was big surprise for me,I decided to be cut. I've done it when I emmigrated to Israel. I had sexual relationship before I was circumcised and after... It's very big difference in favor of circumcision.

When man is cut he can really enjoy quite long sex with partner as well as his partner does. About other aspects, as cleaness, hygiene, medical reason I won't even talk because it's so obvious .

It's wonderfull to be circumcised, it's why we're called human being and animals. Guys, do it ! It's good for you, it's good your health and pleasure. Don't listen those people who were circumcised as babies and don't know really how it's feel to be intact with a pound of dirt under foreskin OR clean and  healthy circumcised man. I can reply for any e-mail concerning it at 

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