It's Great

I was not circumcised at birth, but as puberty approached, my foreskin was gradually retracting on its own. I had always had a fairly small foreskin and quite a large head to my penis. Into my teens I kept my foreskin permanently pulled. It looked circumcised, I felt better and was called a 'roundhead'. My penis head further expanded and took on all the resemblance of a circumcised one.

Indeed quite a few girls commented about how they liked my cricumcised penis. I read up on the subject and asked around a bit and became determined to have it done properly. One doctor told me I was cut !! as I could hardly pull the skin forward at all. Another said keep it back and it will shrink further ! My sex life was ok, but mastubation was often painful if the skin was forced forward and it swelled a bit.

Eventually I saw a Doctor who was sympathetic and recommended a full circumcision. At 19 I was finally cut, and I havn't looked back. It felt better and freer immediately, and it looked great. My orgasms are more rewarding, it is sensitive and girls have said how great it is. No I don't regret it and wished I had always been cut.

Cosmetically I think it looks far better.I in fact like the scar, it looks masculine. Some girls too have commented that they find this attractive. My cut is fairly tight which I wanted. I find masturbation with a tight shaft by merely stimulating the scar and shaft very erotic and effective- these are the best orgasms. If anyone is in doubt- dont be. Don't believe the anti cut trash. It's great to be circumcised !

Jay in UK