I did have my son circumcised. I did research material before I had it done, wanting to be able to provide the best for my child.

I am very against, Anti-Circing propaganda. There are many reasons why I'm against it. And I debate this topic every day. As I urge all parents that are having boys to research as they can, and not take the anti-circ bullshit to heart.

The information they have is misleading, and untrue. I find it appauling to be called a child abuser, and seen as someone that purposely "barbarically mutilated" my child, when I was thinking about *his* best interest and not mine.

I wonder why, there are so many videos against circing, than there are about the benefits of circing? Why is the AAP against circing? Where can I find recent research promoting circumcisions? What big name organizations promote the health and benefits of circumcision?

I've been in an 10 month ongoing debate about circing, and recently I've discovered more sites promoting it. How ever.... The "Intactivists" claim that all research promoting circumcisions is all outdated. I want to continue to fight the good fight on the wonderful benefits of circing. It's getting harder and harder to do. When you use a search engine on circing, most sites that immediately pop up are anti-circ sites, which allows "intactivists" to believe they have a "higher power" for advocatism. It's also misleading for new parents that are looking into the decision to circ their sons.

How can this change? Make it easier for parents to get an unbiassed opinion? I also think more sites like yours should have information about the difference of Female genital mutilation and male circumcision. Maybe a history on what Female genital mutilation is. That is one of the big arguments that "Intactivists" have. Which is untrue. Female genital mutilation, and male circumcision are completely different.

I also believe there should be a better arguement for reasoning why circumcisions are "cleaner" than an intact penis. I believe they are, because the foreskin DOES harbor bacterias, which is why STD's, AIDS, and other infections is more dominant in an uncircumcised male. Why can't they see that?

Thank you so much for your information. Please keep it coming.

From a mother FOR the benefits of Circumcision!

--Jessica Seattle, WA


I also would like to add, that one of the reasons I did so much research is that my oldest brother (whom is about 23 years older than me) was diagnosed with Penile Cancer in his 30's! He was an uncirc'd man, and was a head chef for a restaurant chain through out Florida. He was working many hours, and never had time to himself really. That's pretty scary considering in his line of work he doesn't have alot of time to keep up on hygene. I don't want my son to go through that. It hurts so bad with "Intactivists" say that penile cancer is extremally rare, so the chances of one getting it is slim to none. Sure it is a rare cancer, but obviously men get it. They should try telling that to Men and their families that have dealt with having the penile cancer, and their families that have lost their fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins, grandfathers to that horrible cancer.