I was circumcised nearly 2 years ago at the age of 35, gosh I wish I had it done sooner, its a lot easier to care for and I dont have the pain of trying to retract my foreskin.

I was born and grew up in the uk, at the age of 9 I started to have pain when urinating, my mother took me to the doctors and over and over the years, he refused to have me circumcised, my teenage life was hell painful urinating and when I got erections it crippled me, I hated going to pee because of the associated pain.

I knew what circumcision was but I never had the bottle to go ahead with it, gosh how silly was I , a few years ago when surfing the net I came across a lot of anti circ propaganda who said it was wrong to circumcise, and how I could stretch my foreskin cool I thought I tried and tried and it didnt work, eventually I came across a clinic in London that would circumcise me for a few hundred pounds, I saved up and went for a circumcision, it was the best decision I have ever made of my life, I now have a fiance because it has given me self confidence knowing I wouldnt be embarrassed by my former complaint, she has been told of my situation by myself and has said if we ever have children if i wished any sons would be circumcised.

I am very happy and very sad that the anti circ propaganda is just blatant lies if any of it was true how come so many people are so happy they even admit circumcision in the usa is around 50-60% and they claim it as dropped, but this drop could be because so many immigrants have moved there.

If 60% are still being circumcised that means the majority of fathers are happy with their own circumcision status and have decided to circumcise their own sons, the 40% is probably made up of immigrants and those who blame their circumcision for other problems in their lifes, I feel sorry for them.