Hi, I had a circumcision done on June 27, 2005 and I wanted to share my story and experience with others that are considering this surgery.

I am 24 years old and come from a Latino family. I was born in Texas but my parent were born in Latin America. Typically in third world countries, circumcision is very rare if not non-existent. So naturally it was their wish that when I was born that I be left intact.

Growing up I never had issues with my foreskin and always had good hygiene. Thankfully never had any infections either. My first recollection of recognizing I was different was when I was around 8 or 9 years old and a buddy of mine came over, who was cut, and asked me why I wasn't. I did not know how to answer. Throughout my teenage years I was quite conscious of this difference and felt insecure.

I had this surgery done primarily for cosmetic purposes and for a better sex life and to have more enjoyable oral sex. As you are all aware smegma throughout the course of the day or after sex or mastubration is quite irritating. I was always worried about what my partner would think (or smell...).

I went in on the day of the surgery at 11:30am to get checked in and sign off on all the paper work. The procedure was done at 1:30pm and took about 45 minutes under sedation so I slept through the whole process. I was quite happy about that. I went home with no pain and had no need for the Vicodin my urologist prescribed. I have considerable swelling and have a follow up for Friday July 1, 2005 to relieve a hematoma (an unfortunate surgery side-effect.). I should be getting better after this is corrected.

As the guy before me commented, I have no positive or negative comments at this time since I have not gone through full recovery but I will update you in a couple of weeks when my member looks and feels back to normal with no swelling. I am very optimistic.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or for advice, also if anyone out there experienced this type of reactios, let me know also. I have not found a lot of helpful information on the internet about this, I think this reaction is rare and I would like to talk to other guys about that who might have experienced it.

Thank You,