I debated over the decion to be circ'd for many years. It was only now that I'm 24 that I went ahead. I can say I haven't looked back. I was always unhappy that I had a long foreskin that caused problems in sex and with a constant build up of smegma and urine.  

  I read and searched for all the research I could find, and then went to visit my local doctor. After we dicussed things he examined my penis and he confirmed what I had always know, my foreskin was longer than most other men. It never stayed retracted with a full erection it always moved forward. He did not advise anything, but to ask me want I wanted. I assumed a full circ, but he told me that he would refer me to a Urologist to discuss my options.

  I attend the Urologist, and during the examination he told me all my options, including a foreskin reduction, half circ or full and all the different styles as well. It was strange it was kind of like going to buy something new.  After a lot of thought I decided to get a full circ, and was admitted to day surgery at a private hospital.

  The surgery was very straight forward, I was given a full anaesthetic and when I woke up the first thing I did was lift the blanket to see the result.lntially I will admit it was not a good sight, but then when I was in the post op room, the nurses inspected it and informed me that I could have the bandages come off. I was amazed. the healing had already starting in less than 4 hours. I went home later that day with my pain killers in hand and walking like I had been riding a horse.

  That nite I was awaken by an erection that I thought would surely result in a disaster, but it subsided without much fuss, and each subsequent erection got easier to handle. By the third day the stiches were falling out and all the bleeding had stop and it was well on the way to healing and feeling different. By the end of the week all the stiches had come out and the sensitivity at the tip of the head had started to ease.

  All I can say to conclude is..............why didn't I get it done earlier ?


  Anyone wanting more information or advice, feel free to email me:   ktk1@hotmail.com