I was born in Australia when most boys were circumcised, but having an English father I missed out on being circumcised. I guess I found out I was different when I was six or seven but had no idea why.

It was not till high school I knew the difference between the two styles on penises.(No Google back then)

My desire to become circumcised really became stronger while boarding at University and all was on show in the Communal shower and being the "odd one out)

Many comments were made over the years while showering and washing under my foreskin and this is when I really decided I was going to get circumcised ( it just took another 17 years )

So back in 2005 I told myself and my Girlfriend iIwas going to make an appointment with my local GP. So I made the call and went and visited my GP and told him my story. He seemed shocked and tried everything to stop me going through with the operation. I got all the information about how i would lose sensation and other anti information. So off I went home thinking to myself , maybe I should not get circumcised.

So many months went by, then my Girlfriend encouraged me to see another GP at another Practice. So off I went again to a DR who I had never seen,very embarrassed, he called me in ,so it was now or never. I explained I wanted to get circumcised. The DR very nice and explained the for and against of circumcision. So after 20 minutes of chat I had my referral to the circumcision Doctor, which I rang as soon as I got home to make an appointment.

So off I went to my first consultation , told the story of want I wanted.

The Dr was very easy to talk to and gave me the different styles I could have.

Then the dreaded bit of dropping the undies for an examination, but made he made me feel reasonably comfortable this during this process, while marking lines to show me different different results and tightness. I then had 3 weeks to think about it,booked an appointment and could have not have a better result.

So, as an adult who knows sex with and without a foreskin do I have any regrets getting circumcised?

YES, Waiting so long to have the operation.

Did I lose any sensation ?

Very little,but gained some around the scar line

Do I last longer before ejaculation?

No , as long as I did when Un-Circumcised.

Is sex different for you or your partner?

Well I guess everyone is different ,but not for us

Was it as painful as you read?
No, but morning erection can be painful.

Recovery time?

About 6 weeks

Is masturbation differnent now ? well we all do it guys

Yes, you have to learn different techniques but i'm sure you and your partner will work it out.

So why did i get circumcised ?

Choice, personal reasons (no medical reason) easy maintenance in the hot climate I live in.

Would I recommend circumcision?

For me yes. For you, It's your choice, talk to your GP about it.

Happily Circumcised at 35