Newly Cut Guy

I was born in a MD family, my dad a Doctor and my mom a nurse. For some reason they did not practice this operation to me, so I spent most of my life like that. When I got to my teenage years, when you start being around, I started experiencing my first painful infections that I told nobody about - of course I did not want any embarrasement at that moment.

Eventually I decided to go to doctors and they all told me I needed the operation : the summer where I live is around 120 degrees and above which makes everything perfect for infections to appear.

I was afraid of it so I did not go for it. I also had a premature ejaculation problem I did not really care too much about - I guess I was a little selfish, but when I got engaged I started worrying about that. I use to use ear pain drops they sell here at the drugstores that have an anesthetic and rub that around the glans and it took care of the high sensitivity of it, but you can not live like that all the time, so putting my married life and the infections all together made me finally go for it....

It DID hurt! I am 27 now, an I had it done on November the 2nd, and it took no more than an hour, I walked in at 8:30pm, got into the surgery room at 9:00pm and by 10:00pm I had already paid that and was WALKING out the door.. but that night was SO painful I thought it was never going to end. By next morning I was already driving, but I did take two weeks for vacation to rest at home and get better. Any way, just to let you all know, I still have a few sutures that have not come off yet (about 4), but even with that, I feel very happy I did it, and as a matter of fact I already started having sex on november the 19 (with cautiion of course) and not only feels great, but it sure lasts a lot longer...

Hey, if you are not "cut" yet, you don't know what you are missing, for some people like me it hurts and keeps you out of circulation for about two weeks (that at the beginning seem as you are never going to heal, but you will, trust me), but is worth it. Your sexual partner will sure be happier and thankfull... And yes, I will have this done to my kids as newborns.

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