My Testimonial

I was born near Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in 1983 to a family of mostly circumcised men on both sides. I, however, was the first of three in my generation (the other two being my younger brother and a paternal cousin) on both sides to be left uncircumcised. Years later, as a teenager, when I would ask why I had not received similar treatment, my mom (it was ultimately her decision), who admittedly had ever experienced an uncut cock sexually, said only she did not want to cause us "unnecessary pain." Simple as that.

However, I had to reconcile that with my father reporting to me in conversation over the years that he was entirely content with his circumcision and his circumcised penis. My father had spent his entire life circumcised and was happy with his status and with his sex life, so my mom's reasoning did not add up; if being circumcised was so worth it, why was my dad so happy to be circumcised? My parents said leaving my brother, born a year later in 1984, and I uncut would save us from experiencing pain, but twice when a kid my skin got caught in a zippers (and my uncut brother's did once) in the zippers of pajama onesies, leading to screams of pain and tears, remedied only by dad's handiness with pliers.

Not only was my father a happily circumcised man, but as were his two brothers, as well as my mother's three older brothers, all of whom had all benefitted from routine infant circumcision, or RIC, soon after birth. I've heard from family stories that my mom's father was circumcised in the navy during WWII, and know from seeing it myself that my dad's father has a sizeable circumcised penis. My dad's two, circumcised brothers both had their sons all circumcised at birth too, though my dad's sister did leave her one son uncut (as of this writing, he is the only uncut male left on either side of the family as far as I know). My mother's sister had both her boys RIC'ed because, as my aunt said at the hospital, "Your uncle always wanted to be circumcised" and therefore would at least make sure his sons were circumcised at birth. I asked my mom why doesn't my uncle just get circumcised himself, but my mom shushed be, because, as she explained on the drive home, they didn't have the money. This formative moment shaped two things in me: one, that foreskins are inferior and things to not talk about in polite society, and that two, foreskins were often left on those who could not afford it, thus equating in my mind being uncircumcised and being of lower socioeconomic class.

As my horizons expanded, I was soon to discover that being poor is only a reason some males were not circumcised in the United States, and that this did not hold true for males from foreign lands. When I was a child, two French university students stayed with us go to school and served as au pairs.

The first year we had an au pair, only a few days in to his stay, Jean helped get my brother and I get ready for bed, and would have seen our uncircumcised dicks, which to him must have seemed normal. It wasn't until we went to the local club for a swim a week later that both the French student and my brother and I were in for a shock. Despite his being fully developed, I remember seeing the student obviously flustered when he entered the open shower room and looked around. After a moment, he took stand under the showerhead next to my father. I watched the student as his eyes darted from penis to penis under the waters, all of them circumcised, and most with a dark brown gomco circumcision ring like my dad (as was the norm in our area). I glanced over at my brother and he had noticed too: it was the first adult foreskin either of us had ever seen. We could not help but stare at Jean's foreskin, and could clearly see the outline of his head the head under his thin foreskin that covered his entire head and spouted out into a tiny, floppy pucker just past the head. My brother and I were intrigued by him and wanted to see more, so we did not rush in and out of the showers so one of our cut friends wouldn't see us like we usually did. We lingered under the water, watching him wash himself, and, as he got to his groin, he grasped the shaft with one hand and retracted his long foreskin all the way past his glans. Jean's retracted foreskin bunched up into a thousand folds that nestled in his sulcus and backed up halfway down his shaft. Jean's head wasn't like dad's: it was purple and shiny and had no flare at the bell end; Jean's cock, even with its retracted foreskin, stood in stark contrast to our father's cock, which had only had a foreskin for the first day of it's life: dad's cock head was pink and fleshy, with a robust and determined flare along along his bell end that nicely framed the end of his cock.

By this time it was getting late and the showers had emptied out except for the four of us. I realized my father had noticed the student's overhanging foreskin too, when dad asked the student if he wouldn't mind showing his two boys how he cleans his uncircumcised penis: "I mean, I've taught them what I thought was best, but, obviously I lack the necessary equipment to properly teach them how," dad said calmly as he gestured back and forth between his own RIC and the student's long overhang, which had since snapped back in place over his purple glans. Though taken aback at the request initially, Jean regained his composure and quietly said yes (what else could he do?). "Boys, c'mere. Jean's gonna show you how to clean under your skins."

Dad nudged us up to Jean as he took a step back to watch as well. Jean, who had obviously never had to instruct anyone in foreskin maintenance before, began to speak of the importance of cleaning out one's foreskin every time one baths in order to remove odor, head cheese, and urine. Jean casually demonstrated this as he spoke, pulling his own foreskin completely back off the head and rinsing it off. Jean showed my brother and I how using soap helped to keep the odor and smegma at bay, which surprised our dad. Dad said it made sense, but he had never really thought about it, since all he never needed to pay any special attention to cleaning his cock, and would simply let the water run over it as he showered. Jean repsoned that that level of low maintenance would simply not work with an uncircumcised penis.

Jean then told my brother and I to try this, but, while by brother could retract his skin just fine, my tight foreskin did not want to retract much more than halfway down the glans, so Jean showed me a different method of using my fingers of both hands to stretch the foreskin opening as much as possible and let soapy water fill it like a bowl. Then to wash under my foreskin, I could pinch the opening closed and squeeze the ballooned foreskin to flush the soapy water all over and under the head. Jean told me make sure I clean really well because if I didn't it would probably smell. Jean then said to repeat the washing but only with water this time, to rinse out the soap from the folds. We did, then released our foreskins and they automatically snapped back over our young glans.

Later, on the drive home, Jean asked my father if he was Jewish, and if there were many Jews in the area. "No" my father laughed, knowing well why Jean might have thought that, having been to Europe himself a number of times with our mother. It was clear that the French student knew nothing of the history or existence of circumcision in the United States. By this point, Jean's fascination had got the better of his shyness, and he began asking our dad a wealth of questions: "But if so many Americans have a circumcision, why have your sons not had circumcisions?"

"Well," dad started before a long pause, "Sherri [our mom] and I thought it was best to not risk causing our sons pain, but… well, I've had serious second thoughts about this and would have made a different decision had I known what I know now." Yep, I heard that right: our dad now wished he had had his boys done like him. I was amazed.

"Then why not have them done?" Jean asked. "We'll see, perhaps… someday," was all that our dad replied. Jean kept on asking dad tons of questions about being circumcised and circumcising society in the USA for the rest of the drive home, but my ears could not stop ringing with my father's blessed word, a word that gave me hope for my future: "someday."

I did not hear much about circumcision from my dad or Jean after than, but, a few months later Jean was bedridden for a day and I was simply told by my mother that he had had a "minor procedure" and that he was completely fine and would soon be back to normal. The next time we all went to the swim club together, I saw what exactly that procedure was: a high and tight adult circumcision with a thick red and slightly raw scar halfway back his shaft. My brother and I were shocked. We gossiped the first chance we were along just the two of us, remarking how the temporary hint of normalcy we both experienced as a result of seeing an adult with a foreskin was now gone. A couple of months later, Jean's circumcision had fully healed and he proudly sported his new cock in the locker rooms. My brother and I felt slightly abandoned, and would remain terribly shy about having foreskins for years to come.

The au pair we had next year went home circumcised as well under similar circumstances: when my brother and I came home from school on a Friday afternoon, we found our au pair Michel laid up on the couch, with our mother telling us to leave him alone, and he was tired and just had a small operation that morning. Later that weekend, I asked Michel, who I knew from the showers was uncut, if he was okay. He said he was fine, then, with a big cheeky smile, said actually he was MUCH better than before. He later confided that, after seeing my father's cut cock and others in the showers, and then talking with American women, he had had a circumcision so his penis would look "smooth" and "ready to ride," as he put it.

Two years in a row, our French au pairs went home circumcised because they liked the look better and though it was a sexy improvement, so I early on became used to the idea of adult circumcision and knew it was possible for those who had missed out at birth to later correct the problem. I remember telling my parents after the second au pair was circumcised that I wanted it done too. My mom told me it was a big decision and that I could not go back once I did it, so I had to be sure. I had not even entered puberty yet, and my parents told me if I still wanted it when I was "older," I could have it done. I never forgot those words.

As far back as I can remember, I had always wanted to be cut like my dad, family, and friends. Many of my firends were the boys in the neighborhood, and we would often play together as children. There were 24 circumcised boys in our area, but my uncut brother and I were one of only seven uncircumcised boys in our entire area, the other five being two Greek immigrants, a boy from a hippie family (who was later circumcised due to tight foreskin in elementary school), and a pair of twins. As an interesting aside, one of the twins had to be circumcised in 6th grade because of (what I now know to be) phimosis with a Plastibell. Later in high school, the other twin got cut too because, he confided after the fact, he had wanted to be like his brother and their RIC dad. The second twin's circumcision was done freehand and ended up a bit more radical than his brother's loose cut. One day, while playing 'i'll show you mine…' in the woods with a bunch of us boys, the second twin to get cut showed us he had been striped back to the balls, with the scar maybe halfway up his shaft and skin drum tight on his shaft, even when soft. Boy did he get what he asked for! I remember he had to have a couple of the tight RIC cut guys in the neighborhood teach him how to jack off with lube, since he couldn't learn from his twin brother, who still used the loose skin to masturbate his shaft.

Anyway, by the time I was in elementary school school, the ratio of circumcised to uncut boys was even greater of a discrepancy: in my school's class year of 48 boys, only I and two other boys were uncut, and one of them, Aleks, was from a foreign country, so he was expected to be different anyway. The other uncut American boy, Bill, and myself became friends, in part because we were the only two of the uncuts. One night, when I was sleeping over at his house, he said he knew he could trust me to talk to about our bodies (we were curious kids with lots of puberty and sex and anatomy questions) because I was uncircumcised and wouldn't tease him for all being uncut. He, like my uncut brother, could retract his skin completely, even when hard. We ended up with a fissure in the intimacy of our friendship when, in the summer before middle school, he was circumcised. One night at a sleepover, Bill was excited and nervous and it quickly came out that he would be joining the ranks, since his dad told him that it was time to "man up." Bill did not really have a medical problem with his foreskin, though it was pretty tight when erect, but his RIC dad simply told him that "it was long since time to fix that." I was too jealous with BIll to stay close friends with him - the bond we shared was lost when he left me alone and joined the others, the circumcised males. Bill and I never fooled around again, so did not see the results until I caught a glance while changing in the high school PE locker rooms four years later: he ended up with a nice, low and tight result with a clean, dark band of a scar maybe a half inch behind his now-flared head. I wished I had had the privilege of joining him, the only American-born uncut boy in elementary school.

In elementary school, the circumcised boys would occasionally tease Bill, Aleks and I about having foreskins at the urinals in the men's rooms. It always ended up being that the popular boys were all circumcised, which fed my already existing sense of uncircumcised inferiority. Be it at the playground during recess or at sleepovers, I was frequently reminded of my lesser status through being called "doggy dick," "anteater," "skinny" [as in foreskin], "baby dick," and "troll penis." I tried to retract as much as I could when I was exposed, but I never had my brother's luxury of a fully on-command retractable foreskin, so that a few times the guys would see be struggling at the urinals or while changing to get my tricky foreskin back. Dad had 'the sex talk' with me when I was in fifth grade, so that it coincided with my first year of public school sex education curriculum. Other than the difference between cut and uncut cocks, I remember being interested in penis size and how big mine would grow, and asked to compare penises with my father to see how big I was. My dad gave me and my brother a puberty book he bought for me, and we used it to chart each of our progressions into adulthood for years to come.

Despite my sexaul education from family and friends, I had a number of unfortunate behaviors due to the near-absence of uncircumcised role models in my life. Sure, Jean the au pair had taught my brother and I how to clean under our foreksin while showering, in part to remove urine, so it never once occurred to my brother or I that one was supposed to retract the foreskin to urinate in the first place; there just wasn't a single uncut men to teach me that necessity. Thus, when my brother and I peed, we always peed through our foreskins, which would splatter around enough to make urinating standing over a toilet (sitting or using a urinal was fine) too unpredictable a task to risk. I have memories of my mom scolding my father for not teaching us to aim while peeing, and that she was always having to scrub around the toilet, and my father countering that he was teaching us but it took time to aim. Having never had experience with foreskin operations, neither of them realized the issue was because we were not retracting our foreskins to pee. As a result of this focused attention and my failure, I early on in life developed what is called 'shy bladder syndrome,' and hated other males being able to see my foreskin. My uncut brother developed this as well, and, until his circumcision, used stalls in public restrooms to pee just as did; meanwhile, our dad and our youngest, circumcised brother never thought twice about whipping it out and letting the urine flow, regardless of the presence of other males. After my circumcision, I was slowly able to retrain myself to pee in public at a urinal and not seated in a stall.

This lack of proper hygiene in part explains why, once, when I was perhaps seven years old, I kept developing UTIs and saw my paediatrician. I know my childhood pediatrician made special note of my then-uncut status in my chart because I would look through it while waiting for him in an exam room. My doctor recommended me to a urologist; at that exam, I had to strip off my shorts and underwear so he could manipulate my tight, puckered spout of a foreskin. I saw the urologist also making a large note about my uncircumcised status in my chart. He told me he had had his sons circumcised at birth to avoid the problems I was experiencing. He told my mom in front of me that she should seriously consider getting me circumcised to stop my getting infections and for the other health benefits. I was excited but nervous at this chance of becoming one of the guys, but my mother, who had brought me to the appointment, said no, I would have to keep my foreskin. When she later told my dad about this, he got upset and told her that it was obvious to him that my foreskin was causing me troubles. By this time, he seemed fairly convinced that my brother and I should get circumcised "to make up for lost time," as he put it.

When my second, youngest brother was born in 1989 when I was in elementary school, two things changed. The first is the ratio of uncut-to-cut cock in our household, which was at that time, by a two-to-one majority, uncircumcised. My parents had by then seen enough problems caused by foreskins in their two older sons (infections, extra cleaning, the couple of zipper catches, etc.) at this point to reverse course. I had had problems retracting as a boy and so had my brother, who also got infections like balanitis a couple of times. Plus, all the smegma that we built up and the extra smell and cleaning for my parents, plus my bro and I having most all cut friends and me telling them I wanted to be circumcised like dad, made them choose to have baby brother ric. My parents decided their boys having foreskins ultimately just wasn't

worth it, so they had their third and last son RIC the day after he was born. My baby brother, like my father before him, was circumcised with a Gomco clamp before he left the hospital. Since I was already seven at the time, I remember helping my mom change my new baby brother until i was good enough at it that I could change him alone. From the start, my youngest brother's lack of a foreskin--and the Gomco clamp scar halfway down his tiny shaft instead--were constant reminders of my own foreskin. When I asked my mother why our newest brother received special treatment, my mom said that if she could do it over again, she would have had me and my younger brother cut at birth too and something about parenting being a learning-on-the-job experience. That statement sat with me for a long time, since, to me, it was in part an admission of both failure and fallibility as a parent. That moment stuck with me because it demonstrated to me that, since parents don't always make the right choices, that it is in those times necessary to take matters into one's own hands.

The second change following by baby brother's birth was, up until that point, my younger brother and I had had separate bedrooms, but be now had to move in together so the baby could have his own room and not bother us. The result was, just as we were entering puberty, we started seeing each other's dicks much more frequently since we were dressing and undressing daily in the same room; sometimes we'd even jerk off at the same time in our respective beds, and every once in a while, especially when we were younger and trying to figure out how our bodies worked, would jerk off side by side or even jerk off each other, but not that often. My younger brother and I would continue to share a bedroom until I left home for college.

Sharing private space was a blessing in disguise for my younger brother, since he was able to witness my masturbation habits. As he entered puberty, I taught my younger brother how to masturbate, showing him how to glide his foreskin all the way over his glans then to retract it completely so it gives a titillating tug down on the frenulum. My brother's frenulum was not as tight as mine was, and therefore he did not experience the frenulum tug on the downstroke nearly as acutely as I did (later, this turned out to be a blessing for him, since during puberty my frenulum became too tight to tug downward on without pain). My brother's foreskin was always thicker and a little shorter than mine - it always retracted on its own when erect, and, after puberty, only covered 3/4 of his glans when soft (before puberty, his foreskin completely covered his glans but with no overhang at all when soft). In contrast, before puberty, my foreskin, when soft, had a pucker of foreskin forming a noticible overhang; after fully developing, I had about the same amount of coverage as my brother did prepuberty: just enough to duly cover the glans to a pucker but no overhang at all. As we developed fully, my uncut brother would occasionally tease me since I had about the same amount of coverage after growing as my brother did prepuberty--it was clear to me even then that not only was their a hierarchy of cut cocks being superior to uncut dicks, but that within the pantheon of uncut dicks, the ones with shorter, retractable foreskins like my brother's were superior ones with longer and harder to retract foreskins, such as my own. Along with having a thinner foreskin than my brother, the other big difference between us (we had the same shape and size cock) was that I always had to manually retract my skin when erect. As we grew into our adult dicks, my uncut brother and I would sometimes continue to jerk off together (but much less as we started dating and having our own sexual lives) through our teenage years.

When my uncut brother and I did engage each other sexually one-on-one as children, our sex games at first were almost always centered on retracting and stretching our young foreskins in bed at night. This would sometimes continue when we played with friends too, though most guys, almost all of whom were circumcised, were not at all interested in our foreskins, so generally when playing with other boys, our foreskins and therefore our uncut penises took the proverbial backseat. Later, the idea that uncircumcised cocks were weird and foreign was additionally cemented in our young minds by the obvious fact that all the men in porn (usually from our fathers' stashes of old Playboys and VHS tapes) were across the board circumcised. If having a foreskin was such a great sexual bonus, then why did none of the professionals have them and why did no one want to watch them?

I continued fooling around with other boys as we entered our local middle school, where all the kids from all the city elementary schools all went to one big school. In middle school, we had to change clothes (but showers were not mandatory so no one took them) in the locker room for PE class. This only added to the number of occasions that my alien foreskin would be on parade for other's bewilderment and entertainment. I continued to survive ongoing occasional teasing at school.

While in seventh grade, I was able to sneak a peek while changing for physical education class of my friend Josh. I was shocked to see he was also uncut, with a long foreskin pouting out past his glans. It was the first and only other uncut cock I ever saw in when attending middle school. In middle school and later high school, other than my brother, all but three of the guys whose dicks I saw were circumcised: of the penises I saw those years, 42 were circumcised and only three were not. Circumcision was such a normal trait for a guy's penis that my friend Jim did not even know he was circumcised; we had to tell him what it was and that he had been once when we were jerking off with another, cut friend, because Jim wanted to know why I had all this "extra skin" on my dick. The older i got, the more I realized i wanted to be circumcised. I liked the way it looked and the sense of camaraderie the cut boys had with one another.

For years, my dad (and therefore presumably my mom) knew I wanted to be cut and felt weird having a foreskin. My dad told me if i still wanted it done when i became an adult (i.e. turned 18), I could have it done. But, as my frenulum tightened and my foreskin didn't grow with the rest of my cock as I went through puberty, i increasingly had a medical reason not to wait that long. My frenulum was excised when I was 13 because it was too tight, and even though i asked my mom for the full cut then, she said let's wait and see. When my foreskin started tightening during puberty a couple of years later, she finally acquiesced and had the doctor circumcise me.

Not long after I entered puberty, my own paediatrician carved out my frenulum in a brief, out-patient procedure in his practice. He used local anesthesia and the tugging under the head of my penis felt unreal as he put in a few stitches. Weeks later, after I had healed, I could pull the foreskin MUCH farther back down my shaft than I could before - I was amazed since I hadn't realized how much my (tight) frenulum was restricting the movement of my foreskin. My frenulum was never particularly pleasurable relative to my glans or inner foreskin, but after my doctor removed it and I healed, I noticed in the remaining valley where my glans rim met that I now have this deep-rooted pleasure zone that responds really well to rubbing and touching. in terms of sensation, my groove is kinda the opposite of the inner foreskin: instead of being very sensitive to direct light touch, the groove likes to be 'rubbed deeply' since the pleasure comes mostly from under the skin, if that makes sense. Also, after i had my frenulum out, it was almost impossible to keep the foreskin back when soft, something I had been doing for years in public to pretend I was circumcised and not feel embarrassed. In the couple of years that I still had a foreskin but no frenulum, I had a couple unpleasant conversations with friends and family that essentially outed me as the uncut boy I had always tried so hard to hide that I was.

Regarding the frenulum's status as a source of sexual pleasure is a more subjective and individual experience than the rest of the foreskin. My current primary partner, for instance, loves his frenulum and it's a major source of pleasure for him. My boyfriend before him, however, retained his full, long, thick frenulum but it was too tight to jerk off with any technique other than lot of lube; he eventually got a frenectomy to complete his cock but that's another story. Before my frenectomy at age 13, my frenulum had been pleasurable, but not amazing, and I've talked to a number of other guys who had their frens cut out as teens or adults (usually as part of their circumcisions), and, while some say that it doesn't really make a difference having it or not in terms of experience sexual pleasure, a number of them report having the deep sexual feelings in the groove. This has been my experience as well: getting my frenulum full gutted exposed many deep-rooted pressure points that I was unable to hit prior due to the frenulum being in the way. To this day, rubbing the groove under my glans is one of the surest ways of getting me off as a man.

After my frenulum was removed, the desire in me to go through with the rest of it and have a full circumcision only increased--I wanted finished what was started to my penis. This feeling only increased during high school as I became increasingly sexually active, not just with other boys, but now with girls as well. My first serious girlfriend had never seen a foreskin before, and though to her would not give me oral or allow me penetrative sex even though I would give her oral, she wouldn't do anything more than jerk me off half heartedly.

Despite the increasing availability of girls my age wanting to experiment sexually, I continued to enjoy the manual and oral pleasures of other guys. In particular, I would always pay close attention to the methods circumcised boys used to masturbate, and would often have them teach me the best ways to handle a cut cock. This would come in handy later, after I got cut, when I would continue to pester my circumcised fuck buddies with LOTS of questions about operating my new member and in particular about masturbation techniques. Even as an uncut boy, I loved watching my cut jerk-off buddies jerk off by sliding their dry or lubed hand up and down the shaft without any skin movement. I would try and mimic them to get a sense of what my cock would end up like without a foreskin, but holding back the skin required constant attention and was distracting, plus wasted the use of a precious hand that might be otherwise occupied elsewhere.

I would often then teach these circumcised masturbation techniques to my uncut brother late at night in our shared bedroom. My brother and I continued to share these experiences until I got circumcised (we stopped in large part because he said he felt weird doing it with a cut guy- for him it was more about having another person to share in the burden of being a uncut boy in a cut man's world). Only once did we have any sort of sexual learning experience with our youngest brother.

One weekend afternoon when I was a freshman in high school, my uncut brother and I were babysitting my baby brother and it was just the three of us at home. We put the kid down in front of the TV and went to do our homework. After some time, my RIC brother, who was nine years old by that time, came into our bedroom and said he had a question. He asked us why, when peeing in public, his two older brothers always use the stalls and not the urinal, like he and dad do. I explained that we were shy about our foreskins because we were uncircumcised. I told the kid that he and dad are circumcised, and that being circumcised was normal and what most men get, at which point he interrupted and said he know what circumcision was because dad years ago had explained it to him and showed him the dark ring around their cocks was the scar from where their foreskins had been clipped. I told our baby brother he should be happy he was cut; he didn't know what it's like to live with a foreskin. He said he found out one of his friends has a foreskin, and that he thought it looked weird when he saw it changing at a birthday pool party.

A week or so later, our baby brother came back with more questions and entered my bedroom. My uncut brother and I were doing our homework, but he asked to see our foreskins, since he had never seen one up close. We obliged, and showed him. He was particularly interested in the difference the frenulum made in our cock retractions: while my brother still had his frenulum and it tugged his head downwards and opened up the piss slit when he retracted fully, my dick, now without its frenulum for a few years, He asked us if he could try, and we let him but told him just this once. He reached out and retracted our foreskins back and forth a couple times, and, after my having to explain to him what smegma was when he saw a bit in my sulcus, said he decided that he liked his circumcision better than our uncut dicks and left the room.

I never really talked about circumcision with my baby brother after that, largely due to the fact that, like most all American males who had their foreskins circumcised right after birth, he never thought much of it other than 'uncut dicks are weird.' I will admit to feeling utter jealousy: it was not fair that he never had to think about his penis because he had been marked as normal, as part of the tribe of men. As an uncut boy, it was my lot to be plagued by feelings of inferiority, physical ailments, and psychosexual self-consciousness.

In high school, it was further clear to me that foreskins were in a tiny minority in my world. My foreskin was on even further display in high school, since we not only had to change clothes as we did in middle school, but I quickly found out that now showers were mandatory for PE class. No more hiding behind a towel for a moment while I slipped off sweaty underwear and into a clean pair: I was now going to have to brave open, communal showers in the nude and hope for the best. In my entire time in high school, other that my brother and I, there were only ever three other guys with foreskins that I ever saw or heard about. When you are that unique, word spreads - a few times I heard of people referring to be as 'the uncut guy' when girls were gossiping and such.

1998, I was finally circumcised. The ultimate reason was because my foreskin was tightening more and more as my dick grew through puberty, since my foreskin was not growing properly. My doctor's medical diagnosis was that my foreskin was already tight and was only tightening more as I went through puberty, and my family's health insurance paid for it. I would be dishonest, however, If I did not divulge that part of me also wanted it done, to be a real, American man. I hated being one of the only uncut males growing up in suburban New England in the 1980s and 1990s, but was delighted when I was cut at age 16 and a half, over the school holidays.

During the winter break of my junior year of high school, I was circumcised at my local hospital (the same one at which I and both my brothers were born). I knew there were many different results of circumcision from years of observation, but didn't know at one could choose from the different methods and results; I naively thought the differences in circumcision was due simply to differences in penises. I remember thinking before my circumcision that I hope I had the penis that would yield a tight circumcision. The old Jewish doctor who supervised my circumcision, which was performed by one of his residents, made sure my frenulum was totally carved out, and had the resident use the forceps guided method for the actual circumcision (the latter of which I was able figure out later while researching circumcision styles online). The cut was noticably uneven (a few sex partners have commented curiously on it over the years) with much more outer foreskin removed on the right side and much more inner foreskin removed on the left side, so that if you looked at the distance from the scar to the corona, you could think it was a high cut by looking at my cock from one side while thinking it was a low cut by looking at it from the other side. The resident doctor sewed me up using dissolving stitches, but i did not know that they would need to be removed if they were still there after a week or two, which resulted in a series of skin tunnels that I had to have corrected during my one-month post-operation check-up with the old Jewish Doctor. The final result was a messy dark scar, not low or high, and pretty loose - I can still pull my remaining foreskin half way over my glans when erect, and it bunches up a lot against the corona when flaccid, so that, on a couple of occasions over the years, I have still produce a little bit of smegma just in the hooded sulcus in hot and humid weather.

As for the style of my circumcision, I wasn't given a choice, and did not even realize that there were different styles (I just thought there were different dicks). No one ever mentioned it to me. I do remember beforehand really hoping that I ended up with a cut like my dad's and many of my friends, which i now know to be a high and tight circumcision. I did not know of other males who had been circumcised after the first year, so I naively did not realize that my scar would not look like that of those who had RICs, nor that I would end up with a much more obvious, rougher scar. The one aspect of style I was informed of (though not given a choice about) was removal of the frenulum; the urologist told me prior to my circumcision, during the pre-op visit as he started to inspect my penis to ascertain what he had to work with, that he "always" removes the frenulum, since, according to him, it can "cause problems" and serves no function without the presence of a foreskin anyway. Just as I was about to tell him I already had my fren out a few years prior, he retracted my foreskin and saw for himself my string had already been carved out, which surprised him for a second. I quickly explained that he was right and that the frenulum had caused trouble for being too tight, and that's why they carved it out completely three years ago. The urologist said that was great because that was the most painful part of a circumcision and I had already gotten that out of the way. As the nurse was me getting ready for my circumcision, I had asked the doctor how he had decided to circumcised me. The doctor said since I had had my frenulum completely carved out, leaving me with a deep and sensuous groove on the underside of my head, that he wanted to provide me with a result that would ensure I could adequately massage that area.

I did not even really know there were different methods of circumcision at the time, but I later through researching results was able to determine with certainty the doctor had used the forceps guided method on my foreskin. My circumcision ended up not fitting any of the four classic models (high and tight, high and loose, low and tight, and low and loose), and instead seems to be just all around moderate: not tight, but not particularly loose, and neither high nor low scar placement, though it would be many years before I learned all these styles and terminology. The one thing that I guess you could call a complaint was that the doctor used dissolving stitches, which in and of itself is not a problem, except that I left them all in and let them dissolve on their own. This resulted in a somewhat uneven, dark scar that I've grown to love over the years, since it unquestionably marks me as a circumcised man. No one in the locker rooms or at the beaches ever has to think twice about whether or not i just have a loose cut or if i have my foreskin rolled back!

Even with the extra remaining skin bunching behind my head when soft, I nonetheless get to experience the the casual massage my glans receives when I walk around in loose-fitting (or no) underwear. The feeling of my dry, silky head rubbing against my underwear remains very, very arousing to this day.

My youngest brother, who was ten years old by then, also soon after that said he thought my now cut cock looked better and that he was glad we were the same too. My dad also joked it was nice to have another member of the family in his "camp." I responded it felt good to finally be on his team too, and we both laughed and left it at that.

The good part of a year after my circumcision, I was getting into the shower at our house as my my RIC dad was getting out. It was the first time he had seen me fully healed, and he remarked that it looked like the doctor had done a good job and removed all my foreskin. We talked about the results of my now-circumcised penis for another minute as he toweled dry and I soaped up, with me explaining that actually there was a bit of loose skin left and that I could still somewhat masturbate like I did before with my foreskin, sliding it just over and up onto the corona when erect. Dad noted that was odd because his shaft skin never bunched up behind the corona at all erect of soft. My circumcision wasn't nearly as tight as his circumcision, I told him. Dad asked me if I thought I should go for a full cut and remove the remaining extra skin. I told him that it seemed to function WAY better than before already in terms of sex, masturbation, and hygiene, and that I did not think it was necessary now, though, I admitted, his cock did look better with it's drum-tight shaft skin.

After the full circumcision, it took me a while to really get the hang of new masturbation techniques, but I much prefer it now, not just because there's no more smell or head cheese, but because of my self-image. As a cut man, I feel proud to be nude, and now I don't ever try to cover up in the locker room or steam room or sauna. I am carefree and happy when attending nude beaches with friends.

Although I went from being in the uncut minority to being a member of the cut majority in the United States, but it was interesting for me to travel abroad and suddenly become in the minority again in many (though not all!) places now that I am now circumcised. Following college, I started traveling a lot, visiting dozens and dozens of countries all over Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, and Europe. While it was fascinating to see what cut and uncut cocks looked like in different communities, one of my favorite places was China, because it is very normal and accepted for other men and boys alike to look at each other's cocks while peeing and at urinals. From my experiences, white foreigners got stared at a lot in the men's rooms, and they seemed to stare much more at my circumcised cock that at the uncut cock my travel companion still had.

I've received many compliments on my circumcised state, and about various aspects of my cut cock, since I was circumcised at 16 a dozen years ago. I've always been a little apprehensive about my uneven scar and the faded suture marks, but I've only ever had positive remarks about my scar; a number of male and female sexual partners have commented how sexually and aesthetically appealing they find my wide, dark and obvious teenage circumcision 'halo' scar.

All of my sex partners have said they prefer a cut cock, with about half volunteering the information on their own, and with the other half, I had to ask which they prefer. Most had been with one or two uncut guys, and those experiences had sured up their favor for a circumcised lover. I had one girl that had previously dated my uncut brother for a while, and she was very surprised to not find a foreskin on the end of my penis, as she had always assumed that families were one way or the other, all cut or all uncut. The men in her family, she told me, were all cut at birth in the hospital. She said since my brother and I were pretty much the same length and thickness, fucking me was going to be a fun experiment, like being able to experience the same cock first with then without its foreskin. I was so incredibly turned on after she said this that I had her then and there. No surprise, but she ended up throwing in her lot for vaginal sex with a cut cock. She said the flared ridge felt more intense inside her and rubbing against her clitoris on the outstroke, and the tighter shaft skin of my circumcised cock provided her with more direct contact with my cock.

Away at college, of the American-born guys is saw or discussed the topic with, only one lone friend still had his foreskin. There were a number of foreign students, but even some of them had been circumcised, like my friends from Indonesian, South Africa, and even England. The vast majority of the guys I attended college with were, regardless of class year, socioeconomic status, or home state, had all been circumcised soon after birth. I continued keeping my list of guys' circumcision statuses, and can report that at my elite liberal arts college in the Northeast, that over 98% of the guys were circumcised.

All the guys I fooled around with were cut at birth and almost none of the girls I was sexually active with had ever even seen, let alone experienced firsthand, an uncut dick. One night, three closed female friends were talking about sex and asked if I was cut, to which I could proudly say yes. I was thankful to now be able to proclaim the status of my penis without fear because they went into a lecture on how glad they were that all three of their boyfriends were circumcised, and that they would make sure to have any sons done as well. One of the women did note she had given oral to uncut guy in high school but she couldn't finish it because it was gross and rife with smegma, though she easily jerked him off onto her large breasts. Another, on the other hand, said the foreskin she had experienced was kept fairly clean and didn't harbor smegma, but she had lost her virginity to an older uncircumcised man and his dick still had a bit of a smell that wafted out from inside every time he skinned back his long foreskin overhang. At this point, of of my good male friends came in and, in response to the women's immediate questioning, announced that of course he was circumcised. He joked that his parents knew that he was going to be a porn star, so they wanted to make sure their son had a "rock star cock."

Following college, I worked as a file clerk in a doctor's office for a time, where I was privy to all the patients' charts in order to organize them and streamline the data, and was able to see that most all the boys where I grew up (near Boston, MA) were RIC, since it was noted in their post-birth exams if RIC, or in annual check up reports if done later in childhood or as a teen. Also, many but not all of the patients who had circumcisions performed after birth also had a letter in their file from the doctor performing the circumcision, dated and signed saying the procedure was carried out, and often it mentioned the method the doctor used. Unfortunately, most of my files as an adult do not mention my circumcision status one way or the other. I do, however, always make a point to list my circumcision in the section asking what if any surgeries I have ever had! I get a kick out of listing my circumcision on medical forms now; I write "circumcision" as a badge of honor when I have to list all past surgeries. In the last few years, i've even had two different doctors express to me that they were glad I was circumcised during physicals because of the medical and public health benefits.

The year he graduated college, my uncut brother, the only uncircumcised guy left in our family, confided in me that he was seriously considering circumcision. He said while he never really had any medical problems like I did, he had for years preferred the look, and now his girlfriend was providing a little pressure for him to "man up," as he put it, since apparently had yeast infections with him that she never had gotten with any of her uncut lovers. Over a long conversation, he ultimately decided to go for the cut, and made an appointment for a few months later with a local urologist. Having learned from me to study the results and methods you want beforehand, my brother ended up getting circumcised with an adult-sized Gomco clamp in a true high and tight cut. Now healed for many years, his scar is just as dark and obvious as mine, but much more neat and place much farther done his shaft than mine. He's actually ended up with the highest cut in the family, and a tightness in his shaft that rivals our RIC brother and father. We've compared notes a few times during his healing and afterwards, and he is just as stoked to be a circumcised man as I am. Oh, and his girlfriend loves his cut cock, and hasn't gotten a single yeast infection since!

My current partner is (thankfully) Jewish, and his circumcision was therefore was done ritually with a Mogen clamp by a rabbi eight days after his birth, which left a gorgeous, dark, telltale scar about two-fifths of the way down his shaft from his perfectly-shaped head. Although when we first started discussing such things, my partner was not particularly interested in having any male progeny circumcised, it turns out that he just did not know much more about the topic than 'it hurts a baby.' After discussion the issue with him at length, and after hearing what I endured as a child and teen, we jointly decided to have our male children circumcised as soon as possible when we have them.

My current partner says that my life has been a string of interesting circumcision-themed events, and that there is no wonder to him that my experiences before and after my teenage circumcision have shaped who I am as a man. I have always thought that circumcised penis were just somehow superior to uncircumcised dicks, and I am now, following my circumcision, a proud member of the tribe of men.