Thank you from a concerned Mom


I would like to thank you for your wonderful website, Please allow me to tell you how your website has benefited me directly.

My son, who is almost two, was circumcised at birth by the insistence of my husband. (I didn't really have an opinion about it either way so I agreed to the procedure). He had complete freezing, and the doctor said he didn't even cry during the procedure.

I felt a bit bad about the sore and red appearance of my son's penis, but after a short while he healed and everything was fine. I felt reasonably satisfied with our decision.  However I soon started hearing things on various message boards on the Internet that circumcision was barbaric, that it "mutilated the child for life," and even that it created psychological problems later in life.

I saw that many people are passionately against it and this concerned me deeply. Had we made a mistake in having our son circumcised? I started to do research, and discovered that circ rates in Canada have dropped severely in past years. I suddenly felt guilty--had I unwillingly made my son into some kind of deformed outcast, as so many webpages would have me believe? Why aren't people circumcising anymore if it's a good idea? Would my son be teased at school for "missing half his dick?"

As I continued to research the topic, desperately hoping to find something positive regarding circumcision, I found mostly only disturbing and emotionally written tirades against circumcision. Needless to say every time I did "research" I came away from the computer a mental wreck, heaping guilt upon myself for causing my son unnecessary pain and heartache.

Fueled by anti-circ propaganda, I was feeling guilty on a daily basis about my son's circ. I cried about it multiple times. Then two days ago, I decided one more time to do some research, hoping that this time I would find something, anything, to help me feel like less of a bad mother.

And I found your site! Seeing numerous medical studies touting the benefits of circumcision was both a breath of fresh air and an upsetting blow. Why are anti-circ groups withholding this information? How is it that people from all over the world can get on message boards and call me "barbaric," when there are real, documented studies proving that I in fact made a positive decision for my son?

But the anger aside, reading your news items made me feel so much better! I started to see the anti-circ webpages as mindless propaganda. Then when I got to the section on testimonials--WOW! How amazing that so many men who were circumcised as adults--men whose opinion counts, because they've experienced both ways--were able to share their stories here. I was almost crying as I read story after story of grown men who love their new circumcisions, men who wouldn't have it any other way!

So after reading everything on your site, I can proudly say that I made a good decision for my son! I really can't exaggerate the agony I was in feeling guilty before. Your website may have singlehandedly saved me from years of mental anguish! After reading your site I also have a newfound respect for my husbands circumcised penis, which I admit I was starting to view as "damaged goods."

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to present a positive view of circumcision, a view that is based on real information and real men's testimonies, in the face of a sea of hostile, anti-circ propaganda.

I am going to keep your page bookmarked, so every time I read the hurtful words of others intended to make me feel guilty, I can go back and read the testimonials and remember that I made a good choice for my son, the best choice.

Thanks again!

A concerned mom from Canada