So Glad To Be Clipped

It's been six months since I took the plunge and finally was cut. I had developed an ongoing case or recurring balanitis over a period of six or seven months and the itching was killing. No amount of creams or lotions seemed to stop it.

I had always wished I were cut. From the earliest days in the showers I thought the circumcised penis looked so much more attractive. I was born with a long foreskin that almost completely covered my head when erect, and I always hated having to yank my foreskin back before sexual penetration. Plus as I got older I had the weird sensation of someone holding an icecube to the end of my skin.

So at the tender age of 45, I got up the courage to go to a urologist. In fact I went to two as my insurance plan wouldn't cover the procedure's being done by the first. They both said the same thing. Take it off.

I am thrilled with my new sleek appearance, and in fact made minor alterations myself a few weeks ago. My cut was low and pretty tight, and were I to do it again I'd ask to be cut much tighter.

As far as sex goes, the sensations are different, not better or worse. The feeling of penetration without skinning back are sublime and I'm much more aware of my whole cock being inside. No feeling of sloshing around in a foreskin.

So to all you guys out there thinking about it, maybe having second thoughts, my advise is go for it. You only regret, like mine, will be that you didn't do it before.

If you wish advice, don't hesitate to email me.

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