Although I was uncircumcised as a child I soon discovered that I was diffewrecnt than my relatives and friends. I thought they looked much better and could not understand why I wasn't like them. My parents were not helpful.

When I first started school I literally wet my pants rather than pull out my ugly uncircumcised penis in the public restroom. I got into a lot of trouble for this and my self-steem was badly damaged.

When I got into Junior High we were required to take showers with all the other boys in my class. It was very embarrassing and humiliating as most of the others were circumcised. I couldn't help noticing how comfortable they seemed to feel about their penis. None of them seemed embarrassed or ashamed as I was. I soon became envious of their circumcised penises.

I could not envision a girl wanting to have sex with me as long as I was uncircumcised. I mean I didn't want the other boys to know that I was uncut let along the girls. Therefore, I did not have sex during high school.

As an adult I did have several sexual relationships. I would always retract the foreskin before she saw it however. One day immediately before sex my girlfriend asked what that terrible odor was. I was crushed because I knew it was my uncircumcised penis. I decided iit was time to do something about it.

I contacted a family doctor when I was in the Emergency Room for an unrelated matter. He told me to come to his office for a consultation if I really wanted a circumcision. When I did, he exanmined it and told me there was no reason to have it circumcised. But I persisted. Later he called me and said that a Urologist would have to do the surgery. I contacted the specialist only to be told again that I had no need for it. He also informed me that the American Medical Association did not recommed it. Again I insisted. He called me a gew days later saying the young doctor I had originally contacted wanted to do the circumcision, but that he as the experienced urologist would supervise. I agreed.

No one discussed how tight or loose I wanted it. They never gave me the option of having my frenulem removed or how high or low I wanted the scar. But they did it in about 20 minutes. There was absolutely no pain for me, even thoughj I was awake during the entire process. I drove myself home within 30 minutes of the surgery. I used an ice pack for a few hours, but never felt any pain. It healed nicely with about 10 days.

I am no longer ashamed of my penis. If I need to be in a public shower or at the urinal, that is ok. Although I am not large and I wish I could have been a bit tighter, it is now circumcised and I am so happy with it. It has helped me overcome my shyness and feelings of inferiority.

I would sure like to hear from anyone with comments.

Ray at wb1060@aol.com in the USA