My Testimony

  I was not circumcised a boy because the NHS was cutting back on "Unnecessary" procedures by the time that my mother took me to the doctor to have the job done. I was eight years old and my foreskin was still firmly fused to the head of my penis and would not pull back despite my mothers best attempts to do so.

  The hospital doctor examined me and refused to circumcise me, even after my mother had argued strongly with him and tried to insist that I be circumcised. Instead, he said that it did not need to be done and that he would break the adhesions between my foreskin and glans in order to allow my foreskin to retract.

  He subsequently did this, without any anaesthetic, by inserting a blunt probe under the edge of my foreskin, where it was stuck to the glans and working the probe down into the sulcus and round my penis. It really hurt me a lot and I remember that when I cried he told me to "be brave". Afterwards, the nurse who was in attendance, pulled my foreskin right back and I looked as she applied petroleum jelly to the dark red raw surface of my penis head, where the adhesions had been broken. It was the first time that I had seen my whole glans, corona, sulcus etc and I forgot the pain as she worked.

  My mother had told me what circumcision was and I remember asking the nurse whether I had had been circumcised. She said "No, unfortunately we don't do it so much now, but you are a real little man now all the same" Afterwards, my mother explained what the doctor had done and that he had refused to circumcise me. She said that she was very angry about it but that I would probably be ok as long as she pulled my foreskin back and reapplied the petroleum jelly twice a day for a couple of weeks until I had healed fully. She duly did this and my foreskin was fully retractable from then onwards.

  I was never comfortable with my foreskin and later, as an adult, found it uncofortable and inhibiting during intercourse. I seemed to be moving back and forth within my own foreskin, instead of feeling the vaginal wall of my partner. I tolerated this until I remarried at age 40 and my new wife expressed a strong preference for a circumcised partner and suggested that I have it done.

  I was very happy to comply and it was one of the best things that I have ever done. Sensation during intercourse was transformed for both of us and comfort, appearance and hygiene were all far better. Later, I had a second circumcision in order to remove a little slackness which had developed over the 20 or so years since my original circumcision due to stretching during erections, sexual activity etc.

  The resulting very tight circumcision is a further improvement on all fronts and I would recommend this type of "complete" circumcision to anyone contemplating the procedure. For me there has been no downside to being circumcised and I would not want a foreskin again for all the tea in China!