I hated my foreskin from the age of 6. Before that I had noticed that my
father's penis was different from mine and I thought mine would be like his
when I grew up, until my baby brother was cut. Then my mother told me that
she had taken me to the doctor to be cut but he, silly man, had convinced
her that I didn't need it. I hated it even more when aged 7-8 when I
discovered that most of my best friends had been circumcised and their
penises looked and felt much nicer than mine or those of uncircumcised

From the age of 11-12 I discovered that most girls
prefer circumcised penises, but sadly I did not get cut until after I was
married and we discovered that it felt better for both of us when my wife
held the foreskin back. Obviously that was not ideal so I went to my doctor.
He agreed to circumcise me free on the health service, but insisted that I
would have to stay in overnight. I was embarrassed about the nurses so one
lunch hour I popped out of the office to a Harley Street doctor who did the
cut with less bother than a visit to the dentist. My wife couldn't wait to
see the result when I got home that evening - obviously she could not see
much that day because of the bandages but within a couple of weeks we were
having greatly improved sex.

My second wife and all my lovers in between
have been glad that I was circumcised and several friends have been cut on
my recommendation - one even said that his circumcision saved his marriage.
Since my second wife left me I have had one young Chinese lover who was
thrilled with my penis as she had never seen a circumcised one before - she
said it felt so much better for her than having a penis with a loose
foreskin inside her, which was no better than with an old-fashioned washable
condom, and she will insist that her future Chinese husband gets himself
cut. Sadly she is back in China now. I am not interested in women near my
own age and I have to admit that any young enough to turn me on will not
fancy me. It is only recently that I have become bi-curious and have found
that circumcised penises are very attractive. Well that is my story.

All the best, Rick