I was originally circumcised in 1941/42 at about the age of three. Apparently, my forskin was giving me quite a lot of discomfort,so my mother took me to see our GP also a woman who recommended circumcision.A short time after our consultation, I was taken to the Jewish Hospital in Manchester and duly circumcised. My father was informed by telegram, because he was a serving soldier away on duty. At the appropriate time I was taken back to hospital to have the stitches removed - it was a successful circumcision. It seems, my mother ageed with the practice in any event.

Looking back, I was always conscious of my circumcised state, especially, at school where most boys were uncircumcised. Some people used to snigger when they discovered a circumcised boy, because they new, it took a very intimate and personal operation to achieve a circumcision. As the years have passed I have become proud of being a circumcised man. Women I have known, have complimented me on the shape and size of my penis.

In August 06 I underwent a recircumcision in London with Dr Zarifa - again the result was good, no problems whatsoever.I would recommend circumcision to any boy or man. A circumcised penis looks better, is easier to keep clean and offers protection AIDS/HIV, or from any female who is not so particular about her intimate and personal hygiene. As a naturist, the circumcised penis does add to ones naked appearance and women seem to appreciate the the final result.