What a relief

  I am a 40 year old healthy male from Fort Worth, Texas. As of October 12, 2000, I am now CIRCUMCISED! The decision I made was a great one! Being raised in a strict catholic household, my father chose not to me circumcised as a child for the reason being he never was and through out his life had never experienced any problems. The same was true for me until the summer of 1999.

  I was in a movies theatre restroom when just as I was completing my duty, that a water main collapsed into the restroom with a loud "POW" sound. This caused me to catch and severely cut my foreskin in my zipper. The pain was horrendous. Well, I went home, bandaged it up and had ice packs for a few to stop the swelling. About a month later it was totally healed except for the fact that I was never able to retract the foreskin over the gland head. This lead to very painful sex and masturbation sessions in which I would split the skin on the edge of the foreskin which were always followed by soaking sessions to relieve the pain. I figured this would haunt me the rest of my life.

  Then in January of 2000 I began to investigate the circumcision option and to see what all the procedure included. Then after many months of investigation and consultations, I decided to have it done. I can truly say that I regret not having it done the moment I cut my foreskin.

  The surgery, surgeon, and facility were all incredible. The only pain I did experience was a slight discomfort afterwards dealing with night time erections. This, however, only lasted for 4 days. After that, there was no pain from the incision at all, only sensitivity from the head which isn't painful at all and subsided after about 4 weeks.

  Now I really feel like a new man! I have more confidence, self-esteem and I can maintain erections longer which thrills my wife! Even the pain medication that I was issued was only used once, and that was the night after the surgery. After that, I no longer needed them because there was no longer any pain.

  Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. I will honestly answer any questions you have regarding the procedure.


Reyes Sanchez

E-Mail: reytech_systems@yahoo.com