My name is Shane, and I'm a 16 year-old male from America.

  I have been researching the scientific and personal aspects of circumcision.  I also read up on the opinions and ideas of the sides for and against circumcision.

  I never used to think of circumcision as much of an issue at all, until a friend referred to it as "sexual mutilation."  It was at that point that I began researching the subject.

  In my research and brush-ups on the opinions and philosophies on the matter, I've noticed a few things about both sides:  The side promoting circumcision often uses science, logic, and information cited by other sources to support their points.  The side demoting circumcision is just mainly a bunch of propaganda.  Some of it may be scientific in nature, but I've noticed that the bulk of it all is just a bunch of propaganda designed to grab the emotional appeal of viewers.

  I started to feel regret that I was circumcised.  Later I just came to the realization that I shouldn't take to heart the slanted information of those opposed to circumcision. 

  I take a fairly neutral stance on the issue.  I don't oppose the procedure itself, but I do feel that it should be left up to the male to make the choice on his own later in life, unless there are dire medical reasons to do it sooner.

 Some people that are uncircumcised don't understand the motives behind the surgical procedure, but take a position on the debate anyway.  That's not very fair, especially if they never went through circumcision to make a supported opinion on what it's like.

  As I said, I do take a neutral position on the circumcision debate.  But I do feel that the propaganda against circumcision is a bit over the top.

  You know, they said that circumcision causes trauma and a lack of self-esteem in circumcised males later in life.  If anything, it's the propaganda that's causing emotional damage.  How would you feel if you were a circumcised male, pleased and happy, but one day ran into people telling you that you are missing out on so much in life, and that you were "mutilated?"

Thank you.

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P.S.:  For those that call circumcision sexual mutilation -- well, last I checked, to "mutilate" something was to destroy it beyond reasonable function.  The majority of males in America are circumcised.  If the majority of males are sexually mutilated, why isn't this country suffering from a population shortage?