I suffered from an extremely tight frenlum, causing pain when both erect and not. Also yeast infections that wouldn’t go away with treatment. I washed every day thoroughly as anti-circumcision protesters claim, but didn’t work to relief the pain, yes—pain. I was never comfortable with myself physically due to these problems (there are other physical issues I also had that weren’t included).

At thirteen in 2003, I asked my mother to have the procedure circumcision, but it wasn’t till 2005 I was circumcised. I regret listening to my mother “just let him do his thing, he knows what he’s doing” because the urologist butchered me, then performed a procedure I wasn’t aware of and I personally despised. The problem wasn’t circumcision, instead was the procedure upon which an unskilled doctor performed. Even with the state in which I stand now, I’m more comfortable and no longer face the extreme pain from before. Although, due to the results from the procedure performed, I’m seeing another urologist/cosmetic surgeon with a sheet of guidelines and obtained real facts/needs, and have another operation/operations that should have never occurred, to physically feel/appear as if it where performed young (for comfort reasons).

“The cause was not circumcision, but the doctor and the procedure he used in the operation,” said my family doctor, noticing the damage the urologist inflicted upon me. “Would you like me to schedule an appointment with a specialist to perform another operation to fix the damage,” said the doctor with a sickened upset look on his face, appearing angered and disgusted with the urologist’s results. “We can’t do it right now because of financial issues” replied my mother, also in concern. I’m now seventeen and will be seeing a specialist in January 2008 armed with knowledge to avoid another doctors or procedures mishap. “Am I happy with my circumcision?” Yes.

Let me tell you from fifteen years of experience that the information given by the anti-circumcision movement about being uncircumcised isn’t factual and severely diluted in attempt to appear to the reader as true. From two years of experience and still not correct, I’m much more comfortable and healthier than before. Much of the mutilations you may have seen are caused through the many procedures and doctors that shouldn’t be in practice; also many people don’t realize many of these cases were not associated with the United States. Truthfully circumcision is safe when performed with a safe procedure and an experienced doctor, but there are many procedures that need banning.

The information I’ve received on this particular website is the most accurate I’ve seen thus far. Most sites give a doctor’s/anti-circumcision protester’s opinion instead of full facts. Not only have I given you my opinion of circumcision, but my experience on both sides. Instead of banning a procedure that helps people and people who are comfortable with, update circumcision itself, banning problem procedures and religious non-medical operations that have done nothing but stamped circumcision with a bad name.