My Testimonial

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU for this website. I am 23 years old and was circumcised just 2 days ago! The reason was a mild case of phimosis - there was no problem retracting in flacid state but during sexual intercourse it sometimes hurt if the foreskin was swolen. The urologist gave me several options, ranging from non-surgical treatment involving different foreskin stretching techniques to partial circumcision and finally full circumcision. The info and personal testimonials provided here contributed largely to my final decision: full circumcision!

Here in Europe I dare to say it's a brave decision because general opinion on circumcision doesn't even exist here. People only know about it as a religious thing for Muslims and Jews. Other than that one quickly becomes 'strange' if talknig about considering circumcision for himself. That was the reason for me not to tell anybody about it except my girlfriend.

I decided to post my message here only 2 days after operation because I want to express my genuine feelings as they are now and not from memory later. I will be posting messages for each stage of my recovery because I really want to share my experience with others considering circumcision but maybe hesitating for various reasons.

Before the procedure I was invited to sit down and I was explained about how it's going to be performed, how long it's going to take etc. Naturally, I was quite nervous but nurses are usually really proffessional dealing with patients. The procedure was performed in local anaesthesia. They said the only painful part would be an injection so I was expecting it with fear but nothing happened and when I finally asked about it they started laughing, saying that it had been done minutes ago and the procedure itself was already taking place!

Despite being told otherwise I did experience some pain during the procedure but nothing serious. It was all done in about 40 minutes and when I sat up to clean myself I felt a bit dizzy. I put on my clothes, signed something, the nurse instructed me about post-op care and gave me an envelope with written instructions and some pain killers and that was it. I sat down for about 15 minutes dor dizzyness to disappear and then drove home. The anaesthetic effect in my crotch was still present at that time so I was feeling no pain.

After an hour or so I began to feel pain which is present constantly now for 2 days but I manage to take it without any painkillers. It is kind of a burning pain as if I put my penis in a hot water. However, the pain itself is quite tolerable, the sensitive glans being permanently exposed is more irritating. I certainly hope it will adapt as soon as possible.

Another issue is the erection: First night I woke up five (5!) times (every hour and a half) in semi-erect state which was quite painful but with some self suggestion (and prayers) I somehow managed not to achieve full erection. The original gauze became quite dirty at the end of the second day so I changed it but it wasn't a very pretty sight: the area with stiches right below the glans is swolen and burning but from what I was told and read this is normal.

Although it was not absolutely necessary for me to get circumcized and the amount of pain and irritation after the procedure is substantial I am happy to have it done. At this point naturally, I can't make any comments on (positive) differences concerning appearance, feel and sex life but I hope it will be as pleasing as other guys here say it is. Expect more to be posted from me and feel free to write,