Reasons why Circumcision has a lot in common with Vaccination - but is not the same

1. Vaccination provides immunity against specific diseases by injecting the body with very low dosages of a bacterium or virus (e.g. flu) so that the body can develop the anti-bodies to fight the disease in case the body gets infected. Circumcision is of course not done via an injection, and it does not produce anti-bodies, but it does reduce the risk of getting a range of diseases like HIV/AIDS, penile cancer and UTIs.

2. Vaccination strengthens the body’s natural immune system; circumcision removes a very tiny part of unnecessary skin which nobody needs or wants.

3. Vaccination provides protection against many diseases to which children and adults may be at risk, the same is true for circumcision. The benefits of circumcision last not only during childhood, but throughout a man’s life. It is a kind of “permanent vaccination”.

4. Vaccination provides protection against some diseases which could be highly contagious, but it is very important to note that for some of the most dangerous diseases there is still no cure or prevention, e.g. Ebola and of course HIV/AIDS. A person can be infected with HIV/AIDS in many ways, not only through sexual intercourse. Even after 30 years there still is no cure for HIV/AIDS, the only known measure to reduce infection via sexual intercourse remains circumcision.

5. Vaccination leaves at most a small spot or lump; circumcision removes only a small part of skin covering the glans. Medical studies have shown that there is no reduction in sensitivity of a circumcised penis vs. uncircumcised. It is just different, that’s all.

6. Vaccination is an injection; circumcision is of course a minor surgery, and the most common surgical procedure in the world at that. Nothing major, with minimal risk if done by an experienced practitioner.

7. Even though vaccination has been done for many decades, there are still people who are skeptical and won’t vaccinate themselves and their kids. This has led to a resurgence of many diseases like measles and polio which were thought to have been eradicated in most developed countries. This irresponsible behavior is shared by many of the anti-circumcision activists, who are endangering boys to range of diseases which could have been prevented.