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Personal Testimonials

  In this section, men who were circumcised either as infants or adults - and their partners - have the opportunity to share their experiences. Since these statements are based on personal practical experiences they offer a unique insight: after all, who are in a better position to judge what circumcision is really like than those who were circumcised themselves?

  Many of the testimonies are by men who were circumcised as adults and thus have first hand experience of what life is like both with and without a foreskin. It is interesting to note that many of the claims and allegations about the negative effects of circumcision are refuted by these personal accounts.

  It is the hope that everyone who is interested in the subject - especially those who are considering to have it done themselves, as well as prospective parents - find these honest and well-meant contributions informative and useful. They will show you that there is another side of the argument - and that there are many men out there who are very happy about being circumcised, facts that are unfortunately all too often absent or overlooked in the treatment of this controversial subject. These testimonies will hopefully also help to allay fears and misconceptions about the procedure, and guide you to make the decision with confidence.

  Many of the testimonies also contain the email addresses of the writers themselves, so please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or remarks.


  •   Now, I love having sex as a circumcised man.
    Anonymous (added Jan, 2022). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I always hated my foreskin and after having doctors continually telling me it wasn't necessary, I saw a Urologist and had the operation at 23.
    Brian (added June, 2017). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I hated my foreskin from the age of 6.
    Rick (added June, 2017). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Not only have I given you my opinion of circumcision, but my experience on both sides.
    Stone (added June, 2017). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Test Review Circumcised Penis – 25 Years On
    Martin (added May, 2017). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Test Review Circumcised Penis – 25 Years On
    Chris (added May, 2017). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I am now, following my circumcision, a proud member of the tribe of men.
    Mike (added February, 2017). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I was circumcised at the age of 5.
    Mark (added July, 2016). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I was circumcised nearly 2 years ago at the age of 35, gosh i wish i had it done sooner...
    Cal (added April, 2008). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I was circumcised nearly 2 years ago at the age of 35, gosh i wish i had it done sooner...
    Josh (added April, 2008). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   A circumcised penis looks better, is easier to keep clean and offers protection AIDS/HIV, or from any female who is not so particular about her intimate and personal hygiene
    Robert (added May, 2007). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I always felt self-conscious about my uncircumcised state when in locker-rooms with other boys.
    Twice Done (added May, 2007). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I love your site.. But..
    Jessica (added July, 2007). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   .... it was one of the best things that I have ever done
    Richard (added May, 2007). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I am going to keep your page bookmarked, so every time I read the hurtful words of others intended to make me feel guilty, I can go back and read the testimonials and remember that I made a good choice for my son, the best choice.
    A concerned Mom (added November, 2006). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Although I have not had specially bad experiences being uncut, I want my sons to enjoy the advantages of a clean cut penis.
    Daniel (added May, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I am no longer ashamed of my penis. If I need to be in a public shower or at the urinal, that is ok.
    Ray (added December, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   I had this surgery done primarily for cosmetic purposes and for a better sex life
    Julio (added July, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Personally I wish my parents had had the 'foresight' to have me circumcised when I was young, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone thinking about having it done.
    Norman (added June, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Id like to thank's testimonial section becuase I really dont think i would have been as sure about the whole thing, if not have done it at all in the first place
    Aaron (added April, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Hi, I've just had a circumcision and I'd like to share my experiences with other readers.
    Dave (added March, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "Although it was not absolutely necessary for me to get circumcized and the amount of pain and irritation after the procedure is substantial I am happy to have it done."
    Tom (added March, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I wish that I had been circumcised at birth, rather than now at the age of 19. I feel like a new man now. I highly recommend it for anyone who is considering it, be it for the look, the hygiene, or the sensation."
    David (added March, 2005). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   You know, they said that circumcision causes trauma and a lack of self-esteem in circumcised males later in life.  If anything, it's the propaganda that's causing emotional damage.  How would you feel if you were a circumcised male, pleased and happy, but one day ran into people telling you that you are missing out on so much in life, and that you were "mutilated?"
    Shane (added October, 2004). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   As such I know first hand the disadvantages a foreskin offers and the liberating feeling of having the head of the penis exposed for all time.  I also can't imagine why anyone would want to "restore" a foreskin.  I wish I hadn't had to wait as long as I did to be circumcised, but even with the pain associated with having this done as an adult (and there was some pain involved) I would not hesitate to recommend to any male contemplating having this done to do it!  Don't believe all that anti-circ. stuff on the web.  You'll feel much better being circumcised.  I know that I do.
    Fred (added April, 2004). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Being an adult and getting a circ leaves one in the unique position of knowing how it feels on both sides of the fence.
    AR, India (added September, 2003). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   Thank you for an unbiased view of the issues surrounding male circumcision. I myself was circumcised 13 years ago when I was 44. I think I have more first hand experience of both sides of the argument than the so-called experts.
    Ian, USA (posted July, 2002). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   All this made me feel very good about being circumcised (and glad it had been done to me as a baby!), and I feel that way to this day.
    Steven, USA (posted July, 2001). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "To anyone that is around my age, (18) and are contemplating having this procecdure done, GO FOR IT!!!! Your biggest concern is probably the pain issue.  I can tell you that it is minimal, and only lasts ofr a day."
    R.J., USA (posted January 2001). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I can say to conclude is..............why didn't I get it done earlier?"
    Karl, USA (posted January 2001). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I am a 40 year old healthy male from Fort Worth, Texas. As of October 12, 2000, I am now CIRCUMCISED! The decision I made was a great one!"
    Reyes Sanchez, USA (posted November 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I really like the way he did it. I am ever so glad I had it done again.  I only wish my parents would have had it done when I was 8 days old.  It would have saved my a lot of money and a great deal of self-esteem in my early years.  I had my boy circumcized when he was born and I encouraged all my children to have their sons circumcized when they were born.  I am not Hebrew nor Moslem.  I am a scandinavian/German/English background. I wouldn't change  what has been done for me for anything."
    Don, USA (posted September 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "In conclusion, I would implore anyone with similar problems, or in any doubt, not to waste time and, at least, go for counselling. It wasn't too late for me but, remember, it's never too early either!"
    Ian, Scotland (posted September 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "Fear not the exposed state!  Encourage it whether by knife or training the foreskin. Some would discourage the latter, but it should be medically and socially promoted to for those who haven't had the BENEFIT of their parents having them circumcised young."
    Harold, USA (posted September 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I will be happy to answer any questions any of you may have. My email address is I have no medical background, but I'd be glad in whatever way I can to help you come to a decision about circumcision that you can live with. I've not missed my foreskin for a single moment."
    Paul, USA (posted September 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "Go for it guys. For me and my wife it looks a 100% better. Maybe Ishould have my wife her version of it. It worked for me ... that´s all I can say."
    Ron, USA (posted August 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "Circumcision made a big difference in my life -- a very positive difference. I'm thankful I finally mustered the personal courage to join the ranks of the circumcised. And I would encourage any uncircumcised man considering the surgery to talk to a qualified urologist/surgeon. It's never too late. I know!"
    James, USA (posted August 2000, updated 2008). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "My penis now has a much better appearance, and is much easier to keep clean. I only wish that I had gotten up the courage to have it done much earlier in my life.  When I use a public urinal, I am not ashamed for the person who may be standing next to me urinating see that my penis has been circumcised.
    This was the best decision I have ever made in my life."
    Darrell, USA (posted June 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I think my life, and certainly my teenage years, would have been significantly different if my parents had had me circumcised as an infant. I think I certainly would have been more sexually active had I not been so aware and embarrased of my foreskin ...
    All I can say is that I'm so glad that I'm now rid of the ugly bit of excess skin that once covered my penis and would encourage any uncut man to do it without hesitation.
    I have never missed my foreskin and don't think I ever will."
    "Cutlate", Australia (posted June 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I'm glad I grew up uncut. But, knowing what I know now, my resistance and abhorrence to circumcision was completely unfounded. Getting educated is important, and finding a skilled and cooperative doctor is also important. Having a supporting partner is also great. But when I finally agreed that circumcised was better, my wife couldn't resist, 'I told you so!'"
    Charles, USA (posted Jan. 2000). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "So to all you guys out there thinking about it, maybe having second thoughts, my advise is go for it. You only regret, like mine, will be that you didn't do it before."
    Nick, England (posted Nov.99). For complete Testimonial, click here.
  •   "I and my wife are extremely happy about my circumcised penis! I have much more sexual pleasure now than I ever had when most of my foreskin was uncut!"
    David, Canada (posted Nov.99). For complete testimonial, click here.
  •   "What would I then advise people to when it comes to circumcision?
    - Let each boy and man get truthful medical information, and let each boy or man decide for himself (if possible)! - I would think though that many teenage boys and men alike would benefit from this little operation, at least for uncovering the outer part of the glans. It is not difficult for me to recommend a fuller (or tighter) circumcision either, as I myself has experienced this as a very good solution to the foreskin case."
    Dag, Norway (posted Oct.99) Complete Testimonial.
  •   "It is hard to say whether, as alleged, the circumcised penis is slightly less sensitive, as my memory of the uncircumcised state is fading and I dont see the point in remembering. In any case, even if it is less sensitive, which is not proven, I'm too happy to notice or care. Circumcision does not just take away, but is also a generous giver. I have abandoned the uncircumcised sensations, and have received in their place a new set of sensations that I thoroughly enjoy, love to explore, and would never have discovered if I hadnt been circumcised. Moreover, sensitivity is only one aspect of the matter. When it comes to appearance, hygiene, and condom-using safety and efficiency, circumcision wins hands down. If the new reports that it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases are true I will gratefully accept that advantage too.
      Im also happy to feel part of a long tradition. If I share being circumcised with (for example) the ancient Pharaohs, the Jews, and most of the United States, I have no objection. I will certainly not accept that something that has given pleasure to millions of people over thousands of years should be sacrificed to the self-importance of self-appointed guardians of public morals."
    Charles, UK (posted Oct.99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "In reality, most men circumcised as adults, as I am, report better sex after being cut and their wives/girlfriends seem to agree. I personally don't regret even for one minute my decision of having a circumcision, and I can only recommend it for everyone."
    Peter (posted Sept. 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   I regret nothing and the wife and I are happy. Free at last!"
    Fred, USA (posted Sept. 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "The only thing that I can say regarding the crusaders out there is that I'm sorry. Foreskin envy is hard to overcome. But why should it come to that in the first place? Oh, and by the way, in my 47 years on the planet, I have never experienced any of the problems that have been stated in anti-circumcision articles...and neither have my sons. Especially the one who had it done later in life. Two of them have made me a grandfather... and their boys are circumcised as well. And, yes, they were present at the event. Anesthesia was utilized, and they report that the babies slept through it all. No problems there."
    Proud Dad, USA (posted June 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "So whether culturally, medically, spiritually, sexually or socially, it's clear- men should be clipped. And I'm proud to be amongst their number."
    Stevo, USA (posted April 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "It's wonderful to be circumcised, it's why we're called human being and animals. Guys, do it! It's good for you, it's good your health and pleasure. Don't listen those people who were circumcised as babies and don't know really how it's feel to be intact with a pound of dirt under foreskin OR clean and  healthy circumcised man."
    Igor, Israel (posted April 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "I don't regret having had it done, and if I were in a situation where I could have fathered male children I'd make damn sure my kid got circumcised a little after birth. NO WAITING for my kids! I'd not put them through what I went through.
    As for those who advocate reconstructing their foreskins --- guys, you need surgery between your ears, not your legs!"
    Fred, USA (posted March 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "If anyone is in doubt- dont be. Don't believe the anti cut trash. It's great to be circumcised!"
    Jay,UK (posted Feb. 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "Older men in the nursing homes. My Mother has been in and out of a care home. In visiting my Mother, my wife and I have seen old men in the home, in various degrees of ability in caring for themselves and various degrees of being continent. I have wondered, if an old man, in the above mentioned mental condition, is not circumcised, how is the foreskin kept in a condition that it is not a hot bed for the growth of various cultures? If I ever have to go to a care home, I would not want the problem for me or my care givers having to contend with the maintenance. That was a large factor in my decision to seek circumcision."
    Joseph, USA (posted Feb. 99). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "The biggest break through was in junior high school; where after gym class, showers were mandatory. I got to see all my friends that I know from elementary school naked. Now, I realized that they are all circumcised like me! With only a few Asians in my school, being picked on was quite common. I remember the few who were uncircumcised, and were teased. For the first time, I understood my mother, and appreciate being circumcised. It was the my only prove that I was not just Chinese, but an American-Chinese."
    Gene, USA Complete Testimonial.
  •   "To wrap things up, I feel that I have a great relief and joy that I was circ`d as an infant and did not have to endure many of the problems that uncirc`d males have had to cope with. I feel that If I have a son in the future circumcision will not be an option... but a must."
    Darrell, Canada (posted Dec. 98). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "Hey, if you are not "cut" yet, you don't know what you are missing, for some people like me it hurts and keeps you out of circulation for about two weeks (that at the beginning seem as you are never going to heal, but you will, trust me), but is worth it. Your sexual partner will sure be happier and thankful... And yes, I will have this done to my kids as newborns."
    David, Mexico (posted Dec. 98). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "The fact that circumcision is unusual in Sweden makes my penis kind of unique and I am proud of having a cleaner and better-looking penis than the rest. My experience being the almost only one circumcised has never bothered me or been a problem. Sometimes people have been curious about what it is like to be circumcised but I have never experienced being teased because my penis looks different. Neither my brother nor I have ever regretted our circumcisions."
    Daniel, Sweden (posted Nov. 98). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "You'll have figured that I'm very grateful to my parents for having me circumcised. I I just wish they had talked to me about it sometimes. If I ever have a son I'll definitely want him to have all the advantages of circumcision like me but I'll talk to him. For one thing I'll make sure that before he goes to school he knows he's going to be different to most of his class-mates and why. I'll also let him know he can talk to me about it at any time. Later, when I tell him about the facts of life, I'll tell him that most girls prefer us cut guys. I'd like to have had those reassurances while I was growing up but even without them I sure have always been "glad to be circumcised"."
    Pete, Germany (posted Nov. 98). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "In my view many anti-circumcisionists make two mistakes: 1) they completely ignore the problems which the foreskin presents to many uncircumcised men; and 2) they exaggerate the disadvantages of circumcision, unjustifiably suggesting that circumcised men are sexually and psychologically crippled. This is an inexcusable disservice to multitudes of perfectly contented circumcised men, creating much unnecessary resentment and self-dissatisfaction."
    "... To those of you who are considering circumcision, I say have no fear. To those who have been circumcised, I say, do not be discouraged by the propaganda of the anti-circumcisionists."
    Brad, Canada (posted Nov. 98). Complete Testimonial.
  •   "Recently, though, there has been a great deal of anti-circumcision propaganda on the web. It is important not to loose sight of the fact that this is not just directed against the practice of circumcision, but against the circumcised: we are the enemy. And for good cause! The fact that there are many circumcised men who do not see themselves as victims, who have not the slightest regret at what was done to them, and who are very grateful to be the way they are, drives a coach and horses through the anti-circumcision argument."
    Dave L. Parris, Ireland. Complete Testimonial.
  •   "To many men the idea of either taking care of their foreskins or even having to look at them on a regular basis is off-putting and they yearn to have the circumcised look. Many anti-circumcision groups have sprung up in the last few years, garnered lots of attention and have played into the hands of the few men who feel disaffected about their circumcised state. To many men, the foreskin and its restoral have become almost a fetish!!
    Certainly, some circumcised men have something to complain about, having had too much skin removed making the penis tight and literally dragging the scrotum and testicles forward up the base of the penis^C. Contrarily, a larger number of uncircumcised men (from 1% to 5%) have foreskins that are tight and even unretractable when they are erect. For many men, the smell of the glans and foreskin, after the normal course of the day's urination and smegma production, always remains objectionable and despite washing in the shower each morning and again after any ejaculation, there is that unmistakable odor. Some men and even less women, find this collection of odors to be erotic - to most it's an embarrassment."
    Aussie Doc, USA. Complete Testimonial.
  •   " ... the more I think about it the more proud and happier I am. I can't think of any reason I shouldn't. I know that if i ever have a son in the future I will make sure he has shares all the good things a circumcision will bring to him as well."
    Derrick, Canada. Complete Testimonial.
  •   "The cry goes out that in routine newborn circumcisions there is a high risk and a lot of pain and suffering. Well I dont believe newborn circumcision should be routine. I believe parents should carefully screen the competence and experience of the surgeon, as they would before themselves undergoing any operation. The current risk of death directly attributable to newborn circumcisions of one in 16.6 million in the US and as such is hardly any risk at all and can be further improved by carefully selecting the surgeon. In addition the use of an analgesic would render the pain suffered to the same level of routine infant vaccinations. Do they really believe parents parents wish to harm their children?"
    Mark, USA. Complete Testimonial.
  •   "There's a lot of controversy regarding routine infant circumcision, but not much has been written about adult circumcision. I wasn't circumcised at birth, but had the procedure done several years ago. The results have been fantastic and I don't know why I waited so long."
    Stephen, USA. Complete Testimonial.
  •   "Having experienced life with and without a foreskin, believe me, it is just so much better if you're cut. For the male the friction is fantastic , and my wife tells me the feeling of the hard cock head moving in and out inside her is a major turn on - also just rubbing her gently on the clitoris with the end of my cock gets her going in no time - (try doing that with a loose foreskin flapping around). Women almost universally favour a circumcised penis because they can feel the penis better inside them, and they much prefer the way it looks. By comparison, a man with a foreskin having sex is akin to having a shower with a raincoat on (for both partners)."
    Ian, Australia. Complete Testimonial.